Why Are More People Visiting Plastic Surgeon In Fort Wayne?

A lot has changed in the past decade when it comes to plastic surgery, not only improvements in technology but also in people’s mindset about it. It’s quite easy to find Fort Wayne plastic surgeon that will provide every piece of information you need about the issue you want to fix and it’s becoming more accessible. Even when people are talking more about body positivity and fat acceptance, there has been an increase in cosmetic procedures.

It can’t be considered as a new trend because it has been done for many years but due to lower costs, the numbers are growing. There are multiple reasons why someone will do it and it is widely accepted considering how many people already did it. You can find some extreme cases on the internet which isn’t recommended but some of the standard procedures won’t have serious disadvantages.

What the Numbers Show?

American Society of Plastic Surgeons is one of the best sources when it comes to numbers for each procedure you can take. According to them, 1.8 million cases have been done and the top includes liposuction, breast augmentation and nose reshaping. These methods are different from minimally-invasive types like laser hair removal, chemical peels, fillers and Botox. Only microdermabrasion and laser hair removal have seen a decrease in the past years. Read more on this page.

Screen Time and Acceptance

One of the biggest problems we see in people is that they doubt their beauty because we are constantly in front of screens, taking pictures or videos. This leads to more judgment when it comes to our looks and it can impact someone’s decision a lot. A couple of decades ago you could barely find a photo of you and nowadays someone is taking hundreds a day.

Because pursuing beauty has become a pandemic, it first needed to be accepted. In the beginning, they considered it as something that changes your whole personality and that only a person with self-doubts were doing it. Nowadays, it is some kind of routine people go through at a certain age when they think it is time to keep a certain appeal. There is an increase in self-esteem after the procedure which is one of the biggest advantages besides changing your appearance.


Only the wealthy could afford it at one point and they were mostly under pressure from media because of the things they changed. Today, the most common patient is an ordinary mom that wants to get back in the physical state that she was before having a child. If you have an average salary in the US, you could save a bit and work on your appearance.

Another thing that made an average citizen go under the knife is many options when it comes to making payments. You can get credit cards for plastic surgery and even personal loans depending on the clinic. Some insurance companies will cover these costs if you have a medical reason behind the surgery.

Technological Advances

With the technology we have today you don’t even need to go under the knife to fix something, there are nonsurgical treatments. Lasers that are used for the procedures didn’t exist 10 years ago which is proof of big improvement in the industry. For example, Botox was only used as a line-smoothing neurotoxin but now there are different kinds for different treatments. The technology doesn’t only make it safer to do the surgery but it is much safer which makes it more affordable.

Health Benefits

It’s true that getting a lip surgery won’t help health-wise besides increasing your self-esteem but some of them can have true benefits that may normalize your life. For example, Botox has shown that it can be great versus excessive sweating, chronic migraines and sometimes major depression. Breast reduction can help you a lot if you have back problems and the surgery allows you to get a bit of weight off. Read more here: https://www.verywellhealth.com/risks-rewards-of-plastic-surgery-2710195

The biggest reason why people do it is to increase their self-confidence and it’s proven to work in most cases. But, the question is if it really helps and if they will find something else to worry about. You can’t get an overall answer to this question so it always depends on a person. Remember to consult with a doctor before setting an appointment to check if you really need it.