3 Facts About Hemp Starter Kits

Hemp starter kits are becoming pretty popular in the United States these days. As hemp and CBD products continue to skyrocket in acceptability around the country more and more people are curious to know the benefits of hemp products. Starter kits are a great way to become familiar with a few products at a time. Whether you are first starting out with CBD, or have been reaping its benefits for a long time, getting a good starter kit can introduce you to some things you haven’t discovered yet. Since many people in the world are still on the fence about hemp products and CBD in general we decided to provide our readers with a few facts about hemp starter kits that may shed some light on the way CBD works.

Fact 1: Hemp Is Not Marijuana

For some reason, people are getting hemp and marijuana confused these days. Although hemp and marijuana are similar and are both in the cannabis family, they are different. Over the ages, farmers have found ways to manipulate the cannabis Sativa plant and cross breed it in order to reduce the amount of THC that is present. Because of this, the hemp plant was brought into existence. Hemp will not get you “high” like marijuana.

Fact 2: Starter Kits Have Smaller Portions

The idea of a starter kit is to provide an opportunity to try different products and find what works for the individual. Instead of buying a whole bottle of CBD tincture, or CBD lotion, you get to try a sample of the product and not feel obligated to use a full-sized container if you don’t like it. What makes a starter kit such an amazing gift is that it comes in a great looking package with the best products that the manufacturer has to offer.

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Fact 3: Not All Kits Are The Same

Although these kits are pretty popular, they are not all the same everywhere you purchase them. Each hemp company will have its own variation of a starter kit. Some places will provide small portions of CBD tinctures, or CBD oils and lotions, where other companies could provide edibles and gummies. Depending on where you purchase your starter kit, will determine the contents of your order.


Because of the confusion that goes with CBD and hemp products, it is always best to make sure that before you use any of these products you are not taking any medications, or have any medical issues that could cause you problems by using CBD products. It is also very advisable to make sure that when you purchase hemp products you get them from a company that produces high-quality CBD from happy, healthy hemp plants that are grown without toxins and pesticides. Do your research and be wary of who you buy from. Make sure the company provides lab reports on their products, has a good standing with the community, and has roots within the farming industry. If you’re going to use CBD products, or give them as a gift make sure it is coming from a trusted source like High Falls Hemp NY.