4 Common Forms of Pest Control Techniques

Germs in form of bugs and insects are everywhere in your surroundings, including your yard as well. If these bugs are in excess then they can lead to an invasion. But, fortunately, there are so many effective means to control pests both inside and outside of your home. If you are willing to have a pest-free home, then you can opt for any of the following common methods of protection from the bugs’ infestation.

Listed Pesticide

A pesticide that is legally available in the market to be used to get rid of pests is referred to as a registered or listed pesticide. There are variations in pesticides, one that is over-the-counter products and you can easily use yourself while the other one is the professional pesticide that can only be used by the expert pest control personnel. The Smith Thompson Houston offers you an expert team of pest control technicians who come over to your place, assess the situation then start the procedure to eliminate the invasion of the pests.

A pesticide must go through the complete registration procedure to become legalized that includes the complete analysis of the components, where and how often the pesticide will be used, and what would be the procedure of its disposal.

This process is helpful in the assessment of the potential risk to human life as well as to plants and animals. Both acute and chronic health risks are analyzed in-depth as well as ground and surface water contamination is also comes under consideration to approve or reject the respective pesticide.

Insect Hike Regulators

There is a complete cycle of development through which insects nurture into adults. Mostly, they begin the cycle with the first stage as an egg, which turned into larva upon hatching. Cocoon is created around the larva by itself for its development into an adult.

The maturation process of an egg to an adult can be disrupted by using an insect growth regulator. Several growth monitoring substances work well on the eggs, larva, or pupa instead of an adult insect. The eggs treated by such substances never hatch. Similarly, the growth regulator treated larva will not be able to develop into the pupa and will die as a larva. Lastly, if the pupa is exposed to such substances it will never develop into an adult, rather die as a mere pupa only.


The repellents are chemicals that are useful to keep away certain pests such as insects, rodents, etc. There is a variety of repellents available in the market like body repellants to avoid mosquito bites and general repellents to keep away from other pests. While mostly they are used only for a short period.

It’s always recommended to use the FDA-approved repellant as it is safe to use and best to be worked on the pests. The professionals providing pest control services always prefer to use registered products.

In conjunction with the replants, attractants can also be used. These are the substances such as chemicals or odors that are used to attract pests and insects. This will allow you to attract the pests to one selected corner of your yard, where they are less harmful.


The natural chemical used by insects for communication is pheromone. They use to attract other fellows towards food or warn them about the potential threat.

By using the pheromone method, you can easily confuse the insects in thinking of danger close to your home and food is a distant place from your home. Pheromone traps can also be used to complete the process effectively. Different chemicals are used for each type of insect.