If the Shoe Fits, You Can Still Shop Well Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, stay-at-home orders have forced everyone to limit their time outside and to do everything at home. Apart from school and work, people are forced to do other errands online, which include buying groceries and shopping for clothes and shoes. The latter part can be tricky, particularly shopping for shoes.

Many concerns surround shoe shopping online:

  • How it looks online vs. real life
  • How to fit the shoes when all you have is a sizing chart
  • Are you seeing all of their Lacrosse boots selection or Gucci shoes? Are you missing out on anything?

Granted, buying shoes online can be challenging but it can also be convenient as long as you familiarize yourself with the economics of online shoe shopping.

Here’s how you can comfortably shop for shoes within the comforts of your home (minus the worries of getting the wrong shoe size).

Know Your Foot Measurements

Shoe sizes vary between manufacturers. Also, you can’t try on shoes when you’re shopping online. Still, knowing the dimensions of your feet can help in finding the perfect pair of shoes. Measure the exact width and length of each foot from the longest points and keep these details handy. Apart from the size, find out if your foot arches are low, medium or high since shoes are designed with different arches.

Check your chosen online store’s sizing chart to find out which size will fit. Reading the review section can also help since reviewers will tell you if you need to size down or up. Never take a gamble with your shoe size. If you need more help, reach out to a customer service representative. It’s better to be sure with the shoe you’ll buy than worry about returning a shoe that’s too small or too big for you.

Know the Type of Shoes You Want

You need to have a clear agenda when shoe shopping. Browsing online with just an “I need some shoes” mindset may lead you down a rabbit hole of endless options. While endless options may seem ideal, it complicates your selection. You may end up buying more than you should or not buying at all.

Simplify your search by knowing the type of shoes you need. What style of shoes do you want? What are you going to use the shoes for? Are you more interested in function, form or comfort? Answering these questions in advance will narrow down your search and reduce the likelihood of you shopping for more shoes than you need.

Check Out The Shop’s Return and Exchange Policy

Returns and exchanges are common in the world of online shopping, but they are not always easy. Even if you do the shoe shopping research, you can still receive a pair that doesn’t feel, look or fit right. Plus, there’s always the “bad luck” of receiving a defective shoe (which also happens when you shop in-person).

In both cases, a bad exchange and return policy will leave you with sore feet and a headache. In general, shoe shops give customers at least few weeks to return the shoes in exchange for another pair or for a refund — as long as the shoes are still in good condition. If you’ve found a pair you like, check out the store’s return and exchange policy first. Read reviews about them, too. If you’ve proven that a shop goes above and beyond its policy, you’re in good hands.

A good return policy ensures a good shopping experience.

Learn More About Shipping Costs and Other Fees

The allure of online shopping is all about convenient shopping and good deals. Most online shops offer promos and sales that cause shoppers to add more to their carts. But not all deals are as good as they seem.

Some shops may have low up-front costs but have expensive shipping fees. You may think that you’re saving more when you might be better off shopping at a physical store. Others offer free shipping but your orders take longer to arrive, which is a con for people who need the shoes ASAP.

Before you buy the shoes, consider the cost, the estimated shipping fee and shipping time so you can manage your expectations.

Only Shop at Reputable Stores

Not all stores that offer good deals can be trusted. Instead of settling for a cute pair of shoes from a questionable shop, look for reputable online stores. Trust is important for any shopper, especially online shoppers since you pay first before you get your products. So consider a store’s reputation; read up on customer reviews and see if the store has a good rating with accredited online shopping organizations.

Shoe shopping online need not be a nightmare. If you know how to shop wisely and read up on recommendations, you’ll be an expert online shoe shopper in no time.  Complete your classic wardrobe by finding great shoes online.