6 Ways to Make Your Marriage Proposal Work Amid COVID-19

They say that loves conquers all: racial disparities, age differences, social statuses, and in the light of the current situation, even a deadly pandemic. Couples who managed to stay together despite the financial, emotional, and psychological hardships brought by the crisis are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

If you’ve been contemplating taking your relationship to the next level by proposing marriage to your partner, then you’re in for some challenges given the extraordinary nature of the current crisis. However, all hope is not lost since you have several options on how you can pull off your proposal successfully.

Here are Six Ways to Make Your Covid-19 Marriage Proposal Work:

Plan Everything, Including the Worst-Case Scenarios.

No matter how excited and optimistic you are about your intended proposal, you should not barge headfirst into it without planning things out first. Your plan should include the date and time of the actual proposal, how you’ll pop the question, and even the worst-case scenarios.

Keep in mind that failing to plan is essentially planning to fail and in a situation as important as your marriage proposal, no small details are unimportant to leave to chance. By laying out everything in your plan, you’ll minimize the chances of something going wrong with your proposal.

Enlist Some Help.

It’s hard to pull off a smooth and hassle-free marriage proposal without people helping you out. As such, be sure to enlist the help of your trusted friends and relatives, as well as those of your future fiancee. By having people aiding you in the planning and execution phase, you’ll have an easier time handling things and improving your chances of making your proposal a success.

Make your Engagement Ring Pop.

The engagement ring is, of course, among the highlights of any marriage proposal. As such, you have to make sure that the ring you’ll be putting on the finger of your future fiancee is extra special.

To do this, you should find a local jeweler with a sterling reputation in crafting custom jewelry pieces, particularly engagement rings. Given the ongoing threat of COVID-19, hiring a local jewelry maker will minimize your chances of exposure to a lot of people, especially if you’re just commuting. Going local will also make things more convenient on your end since you can easily reach the jeweler for any concerns.

Pick a Special Place for the Proposal.

If you wish to make your proposal more meaningful and memorable, the place where you’ll pop the question matters a lot. As much as possible, pick a place that holds special significance to both of you. It could be where you had your first date, where she said “yes” to you, or any place that has a unique meaning to you and your future wife.

Observe all Applicable Covid-19 Safety Protocols.

Do not forget that the threat of the pandemic is still pretty much looming over people’s heads, so you have to ensure that your proposal won’t put everyone’s safety at risk.

If you intend to involve other people in your proposal, make sure that they know what precautions to observe all throughout the proposal. Also, see that the venue where you intend to make the event has the necessary items to ensure zero transmission, which include hand sanitizers and alcohols, a no-contact thermometer, and the like. Proper social distancing must also be observed, and you have to exclude kids and the elderly with comorbidity since they are highly vulnerable to COVID-19.

With these safety nets in place, you can expect the safety against COVID-19 of everyone who will participate in your proposal.

Get More Creative.

Making a successful, one-off marriage proposal is not an easy task to accomplish. If you want your proposal to be as unique as possible, then you must keep your creative juices flowing like the Niagara. To do this, you could watch some YouTube proposals to get some ideas on how to approach the proposal discreetly but with an ending that will be one for the books.

Among other creative ideas for a proposal is using balloons or a drone with a banner of The Question, a socially-distanced flash mob with your close friends and family, and a weekend hike to a national park where you’ll pop the question on a mountaintop. You could also solicit ideas from friends and relatives, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Your love for your partner should defy the odds for it to triumph. With these six ways, you can look forward to a truly memorable and love-filled proposal to take your relationship to new heights.