Personalized Vitamins, Now More Than Ever

As we think about improving our overall health, people often wonder “What vitamins should I take?”. As a physician I wish I could always give the same answer to that question. However, as with many aspects of our health,  we have come to learn that we are not all the same. We all in fact have different vitamin needs based on our diet, lifestyle and health concerns.

Just as many of us react to illness differently or develop health problems that others do not, our nutritional needs are also unique to us. Many factors influence which vitamins you should take and in which amounts. For this reason taking personalized vitamins is the best way to ensure you are getting the best things for you.

How can we figure out which vitamins to take? As a doctor I spend a lot of time talking to my patients about what they eat, their health habits and any symptoms they may have. This allows me to personalize their care. Similarly, in deciding what vitamins someone should take personalized vitamins make sense. Just because your mother or neighbor takes X , Y or Z does not mean that you need the same thing. Taking a personalized vitamin is the best way to know that you are taking the right amount of each nutrient that you need. After all, vitamins, like any medication can actually be harmful if you take them unnecessarily or in excess.

So how does one find a personalized vitamin? Taking an online personalized vitamin quiz is the best way to provide detailed information about your demographics, habits, diet and health issues.  This information, can be then be utilized but a doctor created algorithm to give you a personalized vitamin.

So in what way is a personalized vitamin useful? If you have certain habits, such as keeping a vegan diet, you may be deficient in some nutrients such as iron or b12. In contrast if you are a big carnivore you may be less inclined toward other nutrient rich foods (those containing vitamin C and other things). If you are a big exerciser you may need more magnesium. If you are planning on getting pregnant or are pregnant it is essential to get enough folic acid and omega3s. If you suffer from migraines you may benefit from vitamin D and some key B vitamins. If you have thinning hair you may also need certain nutrients in proper combination. All of these factors must be considered and balanced when choosing what vitamins to take.

A doctor created personalized vitamin is a great way to know that the experts are weighing in on your unique needs. We are not all the same. We do not have the same health concerns or vitamin needs. Take your health into your own hands but finding a personalized vitamin to assist you to find your best health, prevent disease and help you feel your best.

Arielle Levitan M.D.

Co-founder Vous Vitamin LLC

Author of The Vitamin Solution:Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health