Top 3 Secrets To A Better Running Performanc

When working out, cardio is a must as this strengthens your heart and lungs which is essential if you’re on a fitness journey. One form of cardio is running. It’s a great exercise that benefits your overall health — you will use most of your body parts to move, you will be able to get more out of your lungs thus improving its ability to provide oxygen to your heart and muscles, and you will burn a lot of calories.

However, there are some issues when it comes to running. Some people ask why can’t they breathe properly? Why do their shins hurt? Why aren’t they improving in speed? Well, that’s probably because of having improper running form. Let’s fix that, shall we

1. Look ahead of you and maintain proper posture.

There’s no point in staring at your feet as this will only make you dizzy and ruin your form. Your eyes should look straight ahead of you to be in proper form, at the same time a safer way to run since you can see what’s coming.

As for your posture, keep it straight and erect. Keep your head up, back straight, and shoulders level. Maintain a neutral pelvis and make sure that you’re not leaning forward or back at your waist. When you get tired, you tend to slump over or slouch. If you’re starting to feel tired, avoid it as much as possible and try poking your chest out instead.

2. Practice proper breathing.

Did you know that injuries could be avoided by coordinating your breathing with your running? Try rhythmic breathing. This will allow you to land alternately on your right and left foot in every exhalation. With the proper breathing technique, the impact stress of running will be shared equally across both sides of your body.

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To get you started, do a 5-count or 3:2 pattern of rhythmic breathing. Inhale for three steps, and exhale for two. Practice until you master it to acquire a better running performance in no time!

3. Land midfoot.

It is very important to land midfoot when you run. They say, don’t be a toe runner or a heel striker. When you land on your toes, your calves will get tight or fatigue quickly. As a result, you may experience shin pain. On the other hand, landing on your heels usually means that you have over stridden and that you’re braking. So, try to land on the middle of your foot and carefully roll through to the front of your toes.

Other tips include checking your posture, keep your arms relaxed and at waist level, relax your shoulders, rotate your arms from the shoulder, avoid bouncing and keep arms at your side. The ones mentioned above are the three major things you should practice to have a good running performance while avoiding injuries. Just keep those in mind and have a happy run!