Tips To Manage Your Anxiety

Michael Fitzgerald MD, is an outstanding anxiety specialist. He utilizes personalized repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (PrTMS) to treat anxiety disorders.

However, there is much more you can do to manage your anxiety other than therapy. The following are some tips you can utilize to manage your anxiety levels:

Keep Moving

Moving your body in physical activity is a great way to alleviate both physical and mental stress. However, it should not be an extremely strenuous activity that may add to your anxiety.

Activities such as working out at the gym, dancing or playing sports have been proven to release endorphins in the body which have the effect of improving your mood and lessening your anxiety. The movement will boost your sense of well being in a way that you cannot get any other way.

Get More Quality Sleep

Sleep is so crucial to your mental health that it is a well-accepted notion that someone cranky probably hasn’t gotten enough sleep. You are less able to regulate your mood and anxiety if you get inadequate sleep.

Sleep does not only refer to the quantity but also the quality of sleep. You should try to get at least 8 hours of comfortable sleep without disturbance.

Physical activity should help with sleep. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule is also a good idea. You should also do relaxing activities such as reading or meditating before bed to improve the quality of sleep.

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Meditation has been used to relieve anxiety for thousands of years. There is a reason why it is the oldest and most effective relaxation technique and that is because it works.

Meditation is bound to bring a sense of serenity to your mind which will automatically disperse your anxious thoughts.

The best part about meditation is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. Even 5 minutes of meditation daily can have tremendous benefits.

Stop Addictive Habits

Daily rituals such as drinking coffee or smoking cigarettes may seem to be the norm but they may contribute to your anxiety disorder. Caffeine and nicotine may exacerbate your anxiety especially when you don’t have them.

Caffeine and nicotine are very addictive substances that many consider being mild. However, when they are lacking or their effects wear out, it can lead to severe anxiety, even panic attacks.

Therefore, you may have to find non-addictive substances for breakfast like fresh fruit juice or green tea. If you have been smoking, you should try and quit altogether.

Breathe Deep…and Often

The breath is one of the most crucial aspects of our existence. It can be the best tool you can use to relax your mind and manage your anxiety.

Deep breathing is especially effective in this regard. Whenever you breathe deeply and slowly, it sends a signal to your body that you are relaxed. On the other hand, shallow and rapid breathing is a sure sign of anxiety.

Whenever you feel anxious in your mind or tension in your body, you should go somewhere by yourself and take some deep breaths. It is an effective and quick way to manage your anxiety.