The Miracles of Dry Needling

Dry needling is the modern replacement to the traditional Chinese acupuncture technique. It is the simplest pain relieving technique used most commonly by athletes. Below stated are a few Facts about Dry Needling. Go through the following article for a brief outlook regarding the dry needling method.

Tools Involved

  • It is a technique used commonly by athletes, which involves the use of sterile disposable needles in place of the acupuncture needles that are most commonly made from stainless steel. The needles used in the procedure vary based on the technique that is being applied.

What It Cures

  • It is most commonly used to treat muscular pains. At the same time it also improves the flexibility of your body muscles. It is the most common non-scientific method used to treat sport injuries as well as tissue related injuries. Other than the above it might help in releasing neck pains, migraines and also lower back pains. The most common benefit of this method is that it does not involve the use of medicine.

Improves Strength And Mobility

  • Dry needling improves the flexibility of your muscles as mentioned above. With increased muscle mobility, the chances of injury are greatly reduced. Trigger points and knots decrease the strength of your muscles. The method of dry needling helps in increasing strength by overcoming all kinds of trigger points and knots in your muscles.

Method Acquired

  • The technique that is used for the dry needling method varies from treatment to treatment. The treatment depends upon the tissue that you are seeking treatment for. For example for treatment of trigger points, filiform needle is inserted into the skin at the point of the trigger into the muscle.

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