3 Interesting Facts About Microneedling Treatments

If your skin has been feeling dry and dull lately or you have scarring and texture problems that you want to improve, you may have been considering getting rf microneedling treatments. Microneedling, sometimes also called collagen induction therapy, is a treatment that helps your skin heal itself, resulting in a fresher, smoother and younger look. Before you book your first appointment, though, there are a few key facts about this popular treatment you should keep in mind.

1. It Triggers Collagen Production

The way microneedling works, as the name might suggest, is by using tiny needles to create miniature punctures in the top layer of your skin. This isn’t damaging to your skin, and actually helps trigger collagen and elastin formation because your skin is tricked into thinking there’s a wound present that needs healing. Collagen and elastin are largely responsible for giving your skin its bounciness and resilience, so increased collagen, for instance, can translate into a healthier, younger look.

2. It’s Helpful For Acne Scarring And Texture

If you’re dealing with post-acne scarring or texture problems, you may be interested to know that microneedling can potentially help improve your skin’s tone and texture. Because it helps to renew your collagen, the procedure can reduce the visible size of your pores and help acne scars to heal faster. It can also help clear up clogged pores and smooth out your skin. Additionally, the procedure can have anti-aging benefits by helping to improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. It Works On The Body, Too

While microneedling is perhaps most popular as a facial treatment, if there are other problematic areas of skin on other parts of your body, you can get it done there, too. Just about any location that needs a boost of collagen can benefit. This is particularly useful for treating stretch marks, for example. You can get the treatment done on your chest, buttocks, legs or anywhere else that needs it.

When your skin is textured, uneven or dull and other options simply haven’t worked for you, you may want to consider getting microneedling instead. This increasingly popular procedure helps your skin start the healing process so you can get a naturally glowing, youthful look and smoother skin whether you’re dealing with acne scarring, wrinkles or stretch marks. If you’re thinking about booking a session, keep these essential facts in mind and you can make your decision with confidence.