How to Tighten Saggy Skin?

Skin sagging is a common phenomenon associated with aging in people crossing their 40s. Youth is marked by supple, soft, and taut skin, whereas as the person ages, skin starts to lose its firmness and slowly starts to become loose, inelastic, and saggy.

Many people across the globe indulge in abundant skincare routines to give their skin the smooth and youthful look they once had in their youth.

What Causes Skin to Sag?

Skin sagging is mostly associated with aging, but numerous other factors can cause premature sagging of the skin such as:

Collagen Reduction: Collagen is a vital component in keeping the skin tight and smooth. As the person ages, collagen gradually starts to reduce, making the skin lose its flexibility, due to which the skin becomes saggy.

Ultraviolet Radiation: Excessive exposure of skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation in the sun can damage collagen and skin cells which reduce flexibility due to which the skin cannot return to its original position causing the skin to sag.

Rapid Weight Loss: Skin sagging also occurs due to excessive weight loss, especially after weight-loss surgeries. In some cases, skin sags a lot which takes time to return to normal.

Pregnancy: In certain cases of pregnancy especially being pregnant with twins and triplets results in loosening of skin.

How to Treat Sagging Skin?

Skin sagging is a natural process that occurs along with aging. However, some people undergo the following treatments to make their skin appear youthful and smooth:

Revunion Skin Tightening

Revunion Skin Tightening is a non-invasive technology that uses radiofrequency to target skin cells in the skin. Revunion treatment is done by inserting the wand by making incisions in the skin.

Then a high-intensity radiofrequency is applied to the skin cells, which causes collagen production and skin cells contraction. As a result, the skin cells come together, and the skin becomes tight and toned.

The best part about Revunion Skin Tightening is that it doesn’t result in scarring or major incisions making the skin appear intact and smooth.

Ultracel Hifu Skin Tightening Treatment

ULTRAcel HIFU skin tightening treatment uses high-intensity ultrasonic waves to target skin in jaws, cheeks, and face. It also rejuvenates the skin making it appear fresh and smooth. In addition, ULTRAcel HIFU skin tightening treatment also does facial lifting by targeting the deep soft tissues in the neck and face.

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