Discover A New Life With Best Ibogaine Treatment

Addiction is a cage, and New Roots Mexico is your key out of it. No matter how imprisoned you feel by your addiction or a prevailing mental health condition, our Ibogaine Treatment program promises to enable the best version of yourself again. Based on your medical history and an extensive examination of your condition by our world-class panel of medical experts, we will lay out a plan and present it before you.


Our Ibogaine treatment functions by introducing Ibogaine to the patient’s body, wherein the Ibogaine transforms into a compound known as Noribogaine. This compound resets the brain to its original state, which was before the addiction. This form of treatment is becoming increasingly popular in the field of medicine. It attempts to neutralize the effects of various forms of addiction, such as Heroin, Cocaine, Opium and other prescription drugs. Moreover, the treatment also attempts to heal patients of mental health suffering from depression, anxiety, disorders such as eating, OCD and PTSD. While the Ibogaine treatment does have some side effects, it has an overall success rate of 90% and New Roots Mexico is seeking to live up to the same standards by offering the best ibogaine treatment.

How Crucial is the Treatment?

Substance abuse, addiction and depression have life-threatening consequences. Our Ibogaine Treatment is often the best, if not the only hope for many of our clients. We fully understand how sensitive this treatment is and how crucial it is for our clients to get better fast. Therefore, our panel of medical experts ensures the highest degree of quality standards. Our testing process includes both a physical and psychological checkup. Our team consists of doctors pertaining from various medical specializations, including general physicians and cardiologists. We thoroughly examine the patient’s health before we assess if he or she is ready for the treatment psychologically. It is also important for us to determine how the patient’s mind will respond to the treatment.

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What Makes New Mexico the Best IBOGAINE Treatment Centre?

Our state-of-the-art Ibogaine treatment center treats only 4 patients in a week to ensure that we provide the most exclusive experience to our patients. Our team is not proficient in their medical knowledge and expertise, but we treat our patients with utmost empathy and sensitivity towards their suffering. This landmark quality of service aims to provide our clients with a fulfilling experience that we believe is essential for a speedy recovery yet free of any complications.

Moreover, we understand that the standard week-long treatment might not suffice for many of our patients. Therefore, we have devised 2-week rehabilitation courses both before and after the treatment. Our clients will be accommodated in wellness facilities where they will undergo various forms of rehab. The importance of this stage in the treatment is to enable a positive psychological approach towards mental health and treatment. Essentially, these courses of rehab can significantly accelerate your journey towards well-being.

Additional Services

Our services are not limited to the medical procedures that will have to be undertaken in this treatment, but we also accommodate our esteemed clients with services to make treatment more convenient. Understanding the financial implications that this treatment may have, our clients have the option to finance their treatment through Moreover, we also have arrangements in place for transport to and from San Diego, CA. In addition, special alterations can be made to the terms of travel upon the client’s request. Our representative will guide you to our clinic in Ensenada after crossing the Mexico border and fulfilling the due processes with the customs. Upon reaching the best Ibograine program center, we promise for you to experience the start of fresh life!