Shoulder replacement surgery has to with the removal of damaged parts of a shoulder joint and replacing them with artificial implants. This is usually done to relieve patients from severe shoulder pain and to enhance mobility. Some conditions that can necessitate this procedure include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, broken shoulder, and avascular necrosis. […]

If you are diet conscious or if you are following a certain diet, then it gets quite difficult to find the right foods. The Keto Vegan macadamia superfood range is a great option for people who are following a certain diet or are in the way of healthy diet. The products manufactured […]

Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea can be a concerning problem for a person and for the people around them. A person with sleep apnea gasps for air while sleeping, since they stop breathing for short periods of time at night, and end up with poor quality of sleep. Common factors that place you […]

Hormones are known to control most of the bodily functions. They are like an internal communication system between cells, tissues, or systems throughout the body. They coordinate the immune system, digestion, appetite, libido, and even mood, among other functions and processes. Therefore, when a person has a hormone imbalance, it can significantly […]

Jealousy is a universal phenomenon, present almost everywhere – both in humans and animals, at all ages – from early childhood to late age, in partnerships, in the workplace, in politics. The counselling clinic st catharines is a place where you can find professional help when trying to deal with jealousy. The […]

You have finally decided that you are going to purchase your own e-cigarette. The moment that you tried looking, you have become overwhelmed. There are so many e-cigarettes available and they look the same in the beginning. Each variation of the e-cigarette that you will get will have various benefits and drawbacks. […]

A quick morning getaway for school or work often does not involve thorough dental care and care in a few steps. Most of them brush their teeth quickly and, if there is time, pass the dental floss to those three problematic places where a piece of food is always hidden. Cornerstone Family […]

So my deteriorating mental health was a shock to all of those around me but most of all it was a massive surprise to me. I was a seemingly confident 30 year old with a loving family, big group of friends, my own place and a good career. One of my friends’ […]

Science has shown us so many things, and when looking at your overall health & well-being, we now know that certain supplements really do make all the difference. Most people are unaware that they are run down, and the subtle differences to our health include a weaker immune system, which can result […]