Get To Know the Benefits of Alkaline Water

One of the hottest trends in the health and wellness market is alkaline water. Drinking alkaline water rather than standard drinking water is purported to provide a range of health benefits. Keep reading to learn more about alkaline water, ways to get it – including alkaline water delivery – and the benefits you could see from drinking alkaline water

What is Alkaline Water?

The alkalinity of a substance is determined by where it falls on the pH scale. pH is a scale from 0 to 14 that measures acidity vs. alkalinity of a substance. Substances that fall between 0 and 6 on the pH scale are considered acidic, substances between 8-14 are alkaline – sometimes referred to as “base” – and 7 is neutral.

Standard drinking water has a pH value of 7, while more water that is thought of as alkaline has a pH of somewhere between 8 a 9, according to Healthline.

There are a few ways for water to become alkaline. One is through the absorption of certain naturally alkaline minerals like one might see in water sourced from natural springs. The other way is for the water to be made alkaline through the use of an ionizer. These devices separate water molecules based on their pH value and filter out the more acidic molecules, leaving only alkaline water behind.

Where Can You Get Alkaline Water?

Thanks to the way most municipal water treatments are performed, homes’ tap water is never alkaline on its own. In order to drink alkaline water, you need to purchase it. This can mean paying for an expensive at-home ionizer, tracking down alkaline water at health and wellness stores, or arranging an alkaline water delivery service.

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Alkaline water delivery services are by far the most convenient option for most people. The water will be delivered on a regular schedule and a range of sizes are available, so you’ll never have to worry about running out. Alkaline water from a delivery service is also guaranteed to be filtered and treated, ensuring that the water will be free of contaminants.

What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?

While not yet firmly proven, some early studies have shown that drinking alkaline water may have health benefits. These benefits could include:

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Lower blood acidity
  • More efficient blood flow
  • Digestive tract cleansing

As with any health and wellness trend, it’s always best to slowly introduce alkaline water to see what kind of effects it has on your body. Hopefully, you’ll be one of the many who have come to tout its positive impacts.