Application of Medical Self Seal Sterilization Pouches in Instrument Management

The self seal sterilization pouches is used to pack and sterilize all kinds of articles, such as suture removal scissors, vascular forceps, tissue scissors, curettes, surgical knife handles and small combination instruments with satisfactory results.

Materials and Methods

Material Specifications:

high/low temperature dual purpose self seal sterilization pouches produced by Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd., according to the size of the items to purchase different width models of flat mouth packaging bags, in order to spare packaging.

Usage Select the appropriate paper plastic bag according to the size of the sterilized item. Put the clean and dry item after routine inspection into the self seal sterilization pouches. The sterilized item should not exceed 3/4 of the length of the sterilization pouches, so as to ensure adequate sealing, otherwise it is easy to cause the burst of the sterilized bag. Sharp instruments first with the instrument protection card set, prevent sharp objects poked out of the damaged packaging bag, destroy the asepsis of sterile items, affect the safe use; The direction of placement should be opposite to the direction of stripping, so as to avoid medical personnel being stabbed. Remove the release paper from the opening tongue and stuff it into the bag (the release paper can be used as the chemical indicator in the bag), then glue the seal together, and mark the sterilization date, expiration date, item name and operator number. The closed sterilization bag is vertically placed in the basket according to the way of paper facing plastic surface, and then placed in the steam sterilization or ethylene oxide sterilization equipment, according to the routine sterilization. After sterilization, put the intact sterilization pouches in the sterile storage area for storage and use. Check and confirm the discoloration of the sterilization process indicator before use: blue before steam sterilization, gray black after sterilization; Ethylene oxide is pink before sterilization and brown after sterilization.


The management of small clinical surgical instruments is standardized by the use of self seal sterilization pouches to pack single instruments or small combination instruments, and the system of one-person-one-use and one-elimination of instruments is implemented to ensure sufficient reserve and safe use of surgical articles. One side of the sterilization pouches is transparent plastic surface, and the other side is paper surface. The contents of the bag can be visualized through the plastic surface, which is easy to identify. The sterilization date, expiration date and other information have been marked on the seal of the bag, which is convenient for clinical medical staff to directly check and reduce the chance of hand touch. The storage period after sterilization is affected by the performance and quality of packaging materials, the tightness of sealing, storage environment and many other factors. Sterilization paper material can prolong the validity of sterile items because of its ability to resist microbial invasion. But in practical operation, often because of the failure of paper plastic packaging sealing, is equal to the failure of sterilization, the goods must be re-sterilization, resulting in the waste of manpower and material resources. Self-sealing type paper plastic sealing is made of polypropylene ester transparent film and special adhesive adhesive processing, good sealing, to avoid improper sealing caused by the occurrence of packing opening crack