What are Top up Health Policies & Why are They Beneficial?

With the ever increasing medical costs, treatment has sky-rocketed in the recent years. More people are buying health policies to secure themselves from unforeseen medical expenses. One such health insurance plan type is super top up health plans which have now become extremely popular among different demographics of the society.

What are Top up Health Insurance Plans?

A super top up health insurance plan is an add-on which gives extra coverage for the current health insurance plan. Most insurance companies like Care Insurance, HDFC, etc. have started offering top up plans to aid the policy holder in case of medical emergencies where the claim amount exceeds the sum insured amount.

Who Should Buy Top Up Plans?

A top up plan can be beneficial to most people. However, one must consider buying a top up insurance plan if:

  • The age is higher: With the increasing cost of medical treatment with age, one must surely buy a top up plan.
  • Relying on Employer Mediclaim: Most corporates give mediclaim policies to their employees. However, since the sum insured is generally lower, one must buy an additional top up insurance to be fully secured from medical expenses.
  • Have Critical Illnesses: If the policy holder has some critical illness, it becomes essentially more crucial to buy a top up plan since critical illness costs are higher and the existing policy might not fully cover it.

What are the Types of Top up Plans?

There are mainly two types of top up plans which are:

Normal Top-up Plan:

In a normal top up plan, the insured individual can claim the additional expense from the top up plan if the claim exceeds the base health policy. It works on a per claim basis and only kicks in when the claim amount is above the base health plan coverage amount.

Super Top up Plan:

Unlike normal top up, a super top plan does not work on a per claim basis. In a super top up health insurance plan, the policy holder can claim additional expense if the yearly coverage of the existing health insurance cover is exhausted.

Benefits of Top Up Plans

Among the many benefits of top up plans, some of the most crucial ones are:

Cost Effective

Top up plans are generally cost effective ways to increase your base health policy coverage. So, instead of increasing the base coverage, it is beneficial to buy a super top plan.


In general, most insurance companies limit the flexibility to increase the sum insured amount of the base health policy plan. However, with a super top up plan, one can choose the cover amount according to individual needs.

Better Financial Security

In most critical illness treatments or for the treatments of senior citizens, the claim amount exceeds the sum insured amount and puts a burden on the policyholder. WIth a top up plan, individuals can be more financially secured and prepared for any unforeseen medical emergencies.

These were the few benefits of a top insurance. Before choosing a plan, it is important to check the claim settlement ratio of the company, reviews, network hospitals, sum insured, co-payment clause, exclusions and the premium of the company.These factors will surely help to make an informed decision.