Why Should I Start Taking Probiotic Supplements?

Some of us are blessed with such a perfect balance of microbes that we can literally eat anything we want and maintain our weight. This gift is reserved for a select few, and most of us have to do the tedious work of creating the right internal environment to get magical skinny powers.  Should you take probiotics? Unless you are an elder, are being treated for cancer, or suffer from immune deficiency, you should definitely be taking probiotics. They eat the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your gut that makes you feel depressed, weighed down, and either running to the toilet or pleading with it to make miracles happen.

Not all probiotics have the same quality or absorption capability that you need to benefit from taking them as dietary supplements, so don’t go buying just any fancy pack off the shelf. The bacteria count differs depending on the product, and the recommended range is to consume one dose of five billion to ten billion live units a day. You won’t hit this mark if your product contains an insufficient number of cultures. Plus, if it’s in capsule form, you might not absorb the bacteria at all. For some, probiotic powders are the only option, because they make the digestion process much easier.

Where Can I find Quality Probiotics?

Nutridyn is a multifaceted health retail provider of natural pharmaceuticals and educational services for healthcare professionals. The company ensures that all of its products are composed of 100% organic and GMO-free ingredients. In addition to essential oils, blood sugar balancing agents, enzymes, and many other health supplements, the company also has a plethora of quality probiotic supplements available. Some of their best sellers include Probiotic Complete, Probiotic MPF, and Probiotic Pro. Check with your healthcare provider to see if any of Nutridyn’s probiotic products might be right for you.

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

Another important factor to play with is whether or not prebiotics are something you should be incorporating. Prebiotics are considered the “bad” bacteria, but in the right amounts, they are part of what maintains the balance of the digestive tract. You need the right amount of good and bad bacteria to have a microbial balance that is healthy. Everyone has a different internal environment, and your needs may require that you include or leave out the use of prebiotics as part of your regime. Find a doctor who practices functional medicine. A blood test can confirm what kind of setup is right for you.

Once you find the correct bacterial count and form to take your probiotic supplement, stay consistent! It takes time to rebalance the gut colony but once you do, you will enjoy the benefits of better digestion, normalized bowel movements, increased energy, and clearer skin.

Probiotics are a gentle way to improve your gut lining and better your overall health. By carefully selecting the probiotic that is right for you, you are well on your way to better health.