What is Root Canal Treatment or RCT?

Root canal treatment or root channel treatment is the name given to a strategy that includes removing decay and disease that exists inside or in the underlying roots of the teeth.

Also known as root filling, the tissues within the tooth, the pulp, areextracted afterward the tooth is filled to safeguard it for a long time.  Such treatment enables the defective tooth to remain protected and saves it from removing completely.

Teeth that have undergone a root canal filling are more delicate and are usually covered with an artificial crown to shield them from the worries of eating that could harm the tooth further.

  • The region is painstakingly desensitized and a little defensive sheet called a dental dam is set over the teeth to keep the zone spotless and dry (basic for compelling treatment).
  • A little opening is made in the crown of the tooth to take out the expulsion of the mash and to shape the space before filling.
  • Following the cleaning and molding, the root canals are filled up with elastic like material called gutta-percha and sealed afterwards.
  • Much of the time, a temporary filling is used to close the opening. On the off chance that the tooth needs adequate structure to hold the restorations in place, we may put a post inside the tooth before it is developed with a strong center.
  • In the event that the tooth has been extensively weakened, we may encourage you to have a crown fitted to shield it from future harm and disease.
  • A root canal can ordinarily be finished in only 1 or 2 visits to your dental specialist. Present day systems imply that root canal treatment currently includes next to zero pain/distress.

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Teeth can get harmed because of injury, breaks, defective crowns and fillings, yet most regular is decay.
While each case is different, the decay can be dealt if you visit a dental specialist in time, before it advances to the roots and RCT is required.