What are Dental Mouth Showers

A quick morning getaway for school or work often does not involve thorough dental care and care in a few steps. Most of them brush their teeth quickly and, if there is time, pass the dental floss to those three problematic places where a piece of food is always hidden. Cornerstone Family Dentistry will provide you a new way of washing your mouth and teeth.

Although better than nothing, your teeth need a little more attention, and with a mouth shower you can give them a real little spa treatment.

Mouth shower: just a nice gadget or something important?

A dental shower or mouth shower is a device that, using pressurized water, cleans food residues and dental deposits, and is powered by electricity.

We distinguish between fixed and portable showers, that is, dental showers with electricity and batteries.

Yes, a dental shower is another dental device that has been popular for the last few years and people often wonder if they really need another step in their teeth care.

However, the use of a mouth shower does not represent an additional step of dental care, but it replaces the classic dental floss because it covers those hard to reach places. The pressure of water is enough to flush out the remaining pieces of food between two adjacent teeth, but also strong enough to remove the plaque from the enamel.

Dental shower does this much faster and painless than dental floss and is highly recommended by dentists because of its superiority.

It requires an initial investment that is not negligible, but since such devices last for years and can be used separately by the whole family, the annual cost is equal to the amount spent by one person on toothpastes and toothbrushes.

Who can use a dental shower?

Mouthwash can be used by anyone who knows how to use a toothbrush on their own, even children. It is relatively easy to operate because it has a handle similar to a toothbrush.

People with fixed appliances benefit most from a dental shower

People who have sensitive gums will be more likely to take a dental shower than a classic dental floss, and using a shower can reduce the gum sensitivity.

The biggest benefit of having a dental shower is with people wearing a fixed appliance. The gentle mouth shower jet reaches all the gaps between the teeth, around the lock and wires without the use of interdental brushes, an oral super thread, and a classic toothbrush.

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In this case, a dental shower replaces as many as 3 “dental supplies” and greatly shortens the dental care time of people wearing a fixed appliance. If you are wearing dentures and need cleaning tips then click here.

The benefits of a dental shower

Brush, paste and floss have been the foundation of oral hygiene for many years. So why would we include another device in our daily routine?

A dental shower cleans the plaque from the surface of the tooth enamel better than a brush, paste and floss together.

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