Things to Expect Post Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

You have been having weight issues and have decided to do corrective surgery. It has taken time to prepare for the operation, and your finances need to balance for the procedure to succeed. Your family has been supportive and is ready to walk with you on this journey. However, the journey does not end with the surgery itself. There will be more to come post-surgery. It is imperative to understand the full scope of the mission to prepare in advance. Any drastic changes from our normal operations affect the whole range of our life. Visit a bariatric surgeon in Frisco, TX, for detailed guidance on how to prepare for the surgery and how to cope with the changes once you undergo surgery.


Possibility of Depression

If you have suffered from obesity before you understand the stress it brings. Many people suffering from obesity suffer from depression due to social stigma. Having an obese weight also makes the conducting of regular duties a cumbersome experience such as taking a walk, driving a car, going for a swim and many other activities the average person considers usual. When you undergo corrective surgery, the weight will go, but the mental reaction to the changes may differ. The sudden change in body weight and the pressure to adapt may take a toll on you. Therefore, plan early for guidance and counseling sessions to integrate the new you into the world.

Excess Skin to Remove

The bariatric surgery entails the removal of fat from the body. However, the stretched skin that accommodated the fat remains. It would help if you made plans on how to remove the excess skin after the surgery. Excess skin can result in infections on the overlapping areas hence the need to remove it. The cost is never cheap and runs into thousands of dollars, from $4000 and above. Prepare your finances early to cover not only the bariatric surgery but also the cosmetic skin removal. Most insurance companies only include the surgery part, but you may have to foot the cosmetic skin removal from your pocket.

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You Need to Work Out

Your doctor will advise on the proper diet required after the surgery. The change in diet helps to ensure that the weight loss remains. You will also need to engage in workouts to help the body adjust. You will need to incorporate workouts in your routine, at least one hour of exercise a week, to stay healthy.

You May have Strained Relationships

You have been obese for a couple of years, and bariatric surgery has suddenly made you change. You have attained a different body shape within no time, which is likely to affect you. You may change how you relate with people, and that includes your relationship with your close family members and relatives. It may affect your marriage as well as the relationship you have with your kids. Understanding the pressure early enough allows you to seek for support measures before you undertake the surgery. Once the side effects unfold, you will have a support scheme to help you through it. It also allows you and your family to prepare so they can handle the changes better. The strained relationship may come as a result of the depression or social and body changes you will experience.