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Good oral hygiene is an excellent habit to have. Not only does it help to enhance a person’s appearance, but there are also other health benefits to having good oral hygiene than just oral health. Teeth cleaning is one important aspect of oral hygiene and Brightwork Family Dentistry is an excellent choice for teeth cleaning in Richmond, Virginia.

About Brightwork Family Dentistry

Located in Richmond, Virginia, Brightwork Family Dentistry is operated by a team of professionals led by Dr. Benjamin J. Crowley. The Brightwork Family Dentistry team is dedicated to providing the best quality care to the Richmond, Virginia area in a caring and comfortable environment.

What Is Teeth Cleaning And How To Prepare For Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Teeth cleaning involves removing tartar and dental plaque from your teeth. Despite brushing and flossing efforts, tartar and plaque can still stay on the teeth and build-up, which can have a negative effect on your oral health and hygiene. If too much tartar has accumulated on the teeth, then the dentist or hygienist may turn to tooth scaling and debridement to remove deposits on the teeth.

Debridement is usually for those who haven’t been to the dentist in a while and is a procedure used to remove the extensive buildup of plaque and tartar from the teeth. Tooth scaling is a dental cleaning procedure that removes plaque buildup and reaches below the gumline for deep cleaning.


Family Dentistry

How To Prepare For Your Teeth Cleaning Appointment

At Brightwork Family Dentistry, we recommend that you brush and floss your teeth before your appointment and also highly recommend you regularly do so at home. At your appointment, we will ask questions about your previous dental care, including whether you have ever had gum disease and how often your teeth are professionally cleaned. We will also inquire about any changes to your health since your last visit, as well as your family medical history, and your overall health.

Benefits Of Teeth Cleaning

Patients often ask why we ask about family medical history and overall health, not realizing just how much your oral health affects your total overall health. It has been discovered that people who get their teeth cleaned regularly are 34% less likely to have a heart attack and the risk of having a stroke drops by 13%. Also, good oral hygiene and regular teeth cleaning decreases the risk of dementia, gum disease, bad breath, cavities, low birth weight, premature birth, while increasing fertility, and sperm health. Serious gum disease also makes it more difficult to control blood glucose levels, and there is a link between oral health and diabetes.

If you haven’t seen your dentist in a while and are overdue for teeth cleaning, Brightwork Family Dentistry is the place for you. Our compassionate, caring professional staff are here to get you back on track for good oral hygiene and good oral hygiene habits. It is never too late to get back on track. While it may be nerve-wracking to some to take that step to see a dentist, it is more than worth it to avoid further potential medical problems in the future.