Some Common Challenges of Student-Athletes

Being a student-athlete is one thing that every sports’ enthusiast would aspire to be. Aside from health benefits, this will mold them to become better in different aspects. One for sure is physical development. Athletes would have to go through different physically strenuous training to improve their endurance, bones and muscles, and the rest of the physical strength that they need based on the sports they belong to. Other than physical, psychological aspects are also critical. Mental and emotional strength is relatively as important as physiologic. In some universities in Canada, sports are something that students look forward to. Many post-secondary schools distinguish that campus life is not all about academics, and have put in place sporty curricula for students. This can range from allowing access to students to civic centers off-campus, to encouraging self-governing and intramural activities, to full-on varsity athletic events with countrywide recognized teams. As part of yearly student fees, most athletic plans are free particularly to full-time students. While for the part-time students and the public schools and state university, they are sometimes required to pay for access to these programs. Many schools that have advanced their sports teams have dedicated sports represented: basketball, hockey, swimming, volleyball, and football are all being done in the university level. Later on, these student-athletes are expected to play professionally such as in the NHL or CFL, or contend in the Olympics.

But being an athlete is never easy especially when you are also doing your academic job and requirements at the same time. As a student athlete, you should poster discipline and highly effective time management. You don’t want to end up flourishing in sport but suffering in academics, right?

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 Potential Challenges

Stress: The difficulty of joggling from one task to the others often results in stress. Some studies claim that student-athletes are diagnosed to suffer from depression related to too much pressure from the school, the fans, and even their family

Low Academic Performance: Although some are able to come up victorious in managing careers both in studies and in arena, many if not all student athletes suffer from obtaining low grades.

Injury: The most rampant an athlete could ever experience. Accidents during intense practices and injuries during actual matches could hurt them physically and emotionally. Plus, the recovery period that normally takes time.  So finding good physiotherapy is another struggle. Luckily, there is a sports injury clinic in Newmarket .This will help young athletes to recover and be ready to get back to school and arena.