Pros and Cons of Buying Cheap Cannabis Seeds

You’ve decided to plant cannabis, checked to see if it’s legal in your state, and are now researching everything you’ll need to get started. While getting started should not be prohibitively expensive, it is not uncommon for the cost of purchasing everything you require to exceed the budget set aside for this activity. You may save money on a variety of items, but many people choose to save money on seeds. Of course, if you’re starting from scratch rather than using a clone. There is a vast supply of low-cost seeds available, particularly online, which is a double-edged sword. As beneficial as it is for you because you will have no trouble saving money, it raises your chances of making a mistake when purchasing. Because seeds are so diverse, it is critical to learn as much as possible about them before purchasing. So we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it, including the benefits and drawbacks of buying Cheap cannabis seeds.

Basics You Need TO Know

No matter how much money you invest, there are some general things you should know before becoming a cannabis farmer. Marijuana can be masculine, female, or hermaphrodite because it has sex. The female variety of cannabis provides you with what you want, which is bud. It’s crucial to keep the male and female plants separate since the male plant diminishes the female plant’s potential, which isn’t good for you. Because hermaphrodite plants have both male and female parts, they self-pollinate. To get started, you’ll need both male and female pollinators. It is preferable to begin growing this manner rather than using a clone since you will end up with a much healthier plant and, as a result, a higher-quality output for any purpose.


There are three sorts, and you must choose which one to purchase before searching for the best deal. Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering are the three types, and you can roughly estimate which one is which because we discussed the gender in the previous section. But wait, there’s more:


This is a classic sort of seed that hasn’t altered in a long time. There are both tiny and female, and you have no idea how much of each will be. You must learn to identify between the plant’s sexes; else, working with this species will be challenging. And, as you may be aware, eliminating little plants will achieve nothing.


This is where the feminization process began, which is not natural and is carried out to obtain as much as possible. These plants are unable to become hermaphrodites. You’ll obtain the most buds this way, and you won’t have to learn to differentiate.


Unlike the preceding ones, which are mostly dependent on light, here the most crucial factor for growth is age. They are particularly recommended for novices because they are very easy to cultivate and thrive in outdoor environments.


The Cost

This is a logical advantage with which to begin. The price, like everything else, fluctuates greatly. However, this does not imply that the more expensive the item, the better. Frequently, this is not the case, and the price is determined by factors such as brand, market, and marketing. So, if you do your homework instead of jumping at the first deal, you can acquire the same quality for a much lesser price. Numerous cannabis cultivars are that are both cheap and yield-producing. To learn more about those strains, go on Homegrown Cannabis Co.

You Help Lesser-Known Brands

As previously said, the most prevalent cause for the high cost of some seeds is the brand. Then you realize it’s due to the product’s quality. They have lucrative sponsorship deals and other things that have nothing to do with the quality of the product. We are not implying that well-known brands provide inferior seeds; on the contrary, the price is frequently excessive. Particularly in this industry, where there are only a few well-known companies and little competition. As a result, it is beneficial for you to support lesser-known brands by purchasing from them.

You Will Get a Great Yield

THC concentrations, as well as yields produced from more expensive and less expensive seeds, were measured in studies. Many people were surprised to learn that the research yielded the same results for both. A few cheap strains, such as Shalom, Critical Mass, and Giant Bud, even outperformed some more expensive strains in terms of yield. It proves that all you have to do is do your homework and research the deal. And not to buy the same seeds as everyone else, expecting more expensive seeds to produce magical results.

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You Can Buy Trash

Of course, the risk is that you can acquire low-quality seeds that will offer you absolutely no yield, which is why they are so cheap. It was obvious to the sellers that it was of low quality, and they simply wanted to get rid of it as quickly as possible. The result will be a plant with a low THC concentration, a terrible flavour, and other issues. It’s also possible that the seeds aren’t well separated from the rest of the package, and you end up with something that looks like trash. Make sure you don’t buy anything that will end up in the trash. As a result, you should only purchase from reputable sellers.

Risk of Getting Mixed Strains

It’s possible that when you order a certain strain, you’ll receive a random assortment of seeds. The seller only had a few of each seed, not enough to sell them individually, so he mixed them up and charged a low price. It’s also possible that they lie and say they’re selling you something you don’t want, only to deliver something completely different. This is especially problematic for newcomers, who will be unable to tell what they have purchased.


Purchasing low-cost cannabis seeds has many more benefits than drawbacks. Simply be cautious about where you shop and educate yourself before beginning the procedure.

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