You may of heard us repeat time and time again on this website about the drug named “Modafinil” like it’s some wonder drug. Well, in fact, it is. Simply put modafinil is officially for the use of treating narcolepsy in patients, however a recent study done showed that it was used “recreation-ally” for at least 90% of its doses.

So who takes modafinil?

A wide range of people but mainly the general consensus and research done shows that it is mainly used in academia by professors and students as they are then “put in the zone” and allowed to concentrate and just work for hours on end non stop. Also pilots funnily enough are a large contingent of the populous that takes this drug. Matthew’s first private psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Hook at Northside Cremorne first scripted Matthew for modafinil 3 years ago and stated that he gives many of his patients on anti-psychotics this drug to counter act the sedative side effects of anti-psychotics.

It is nothing like methamphetamine.

Take it from us here, we have all just about indulged before in methamphetamine use and I can say after our main publicists and legal team being exposed to modafinil that we all take modafinil like Matthew almost daily. It gives you an edge, focus, awareness and motivation to get the job done, and do it well.

Now, Matthew has been administered modafinil available by private script in Australia under the TGA approval and he has told us like it was eating air. That’s right, it did absolutely fucking nothing to him. How could that be? He knew there must be more to it. Upon further research , Matthew found there were over 10 generic brands of modafinil and armodafinil in the world available today from a range of manufacturers and various countries in the world pick and chose which “version” they want to make available to their citizens.

Further research found that countries such as India and Canada actually make modafinil available over the counter, that’s right, no script required. Surely, it cannot be as dangerous then as NSW Health doctors portray that it’s the “devils drug”, why are two economically thriving countries making it available to their citizens over the counter?

Matthew went ahead and decided to import via a bitcoin platform the Indian modafinil that had supposedly the same active ingredient, just under a different brand and face and fuck me was he surprised. Suddenly, he was enlightened, in the zone and whats’ better, not craving or thinking about methamphetamine at all. He had his “fix” and what his brain needed, a release of dopamine that was being blocked by these criminally synthesised anti-psychotic agents.

A non-stimulant, both legally & medically.

Non addictive properties.

Very few minor and manageable side effects reported.

Extremely cost effective and healthy on the wallet.

What more could you want?

Well, it seems NSW Health and many 1st world health departments still opt for the fucked up approach that does not treat at all long term methamphetamine dependence it just deals with it as its “present” form, aka they do not want or intend on the patient recovering from their addiction, they want them to be in the “system” for life. It makes complete sense, why would a public health official want to cure or have all their patients recover from their addictions or illnesses, it would simply put them out of a job!

Think about it, everyone healthy = no need for these specialists or psychiatrists. Simply put, they would be out of a job. Now, you can understand why and the extremities such individuals would go to keep themselves employed!.Get a real job we say, and stop hurting people while your at it!

We will not keep you waiting any longer Below is just one of 9 different journal articles and pieces of medical literature Matthew has put on our servers clearly showing not only is Modafinil an effective and proven treatment for methamphetamine dependence but was is alarming is that it correlates that typical anti-psychotics, the same Matthew has been forced to take for 3 years now have been proven ineffective as a treatment for methamphetamine dependence.

So if they do not treat his addiction and they have serious side effects acknowledged by the manufacturer such as sudden death, then why the fuck is he been given them?!

Matthew had been since his early days of NSW Health treatment been pleading with his treating teams to at least trial under supervision the use of modafinil with him and see if it could in fact help. There are no reported or medically backed side effects that could hinder his mental state to an extend where it should not be at least on the table in regards to discussions into appropriate, least intrusive and more to the point least brain fucking and damaging medication. Lets be honest, anti-psychotics over a long term period will if not kill you, put you in such a  retarded and vegetable state of mind and body you have no idea where the fuck you are and if you got told by a doctor you were in heaven, you’d probably believe them. In reality, you are living the most horrendous and criminally intended life known to human kind, worse than solitary confinement in jail as at least inmates have control over their voluntary brain functions and reactions, long term anti-psychotic patients lose this after around a decade and then you have the thyroid damage, high blood pressure, constipation, insomniac property symptoms, suicidal tenancies, high CA blood count levels, post injection syndrome worries, excessive weight gain, rapid loss of IQ levels, and so forth. The complete list of side effects from the Australian distributors fact sheet can be read over in our Matthew’s medication causes sudden death episode.

So with all these negative and literally deadly side effects against him you can see why Matthew was so involved with being against taking them. His first treating psychiatrist at Royal North Shore Impatient ward Dr. Jayleth (we have not forgotten about you and your criminally inclined and twisted mind, your Indian heritage puts shame to your ways of life). Dr. Jayleth literally without even speaking to Matthew induced him to the maximum dosage of Parapeledone over 2 years ago. This is a 150mg shot, followed by another 150mg booster shot a fortnight later. At fa family meeting after the injection he was heard to be saying to his family “Don’t worry, Matthew won’t feel the effects of ice again”. Matthew was not invited nor present at aforementioned meeting. Well it was true, the shot was so strong Matthew was smoking half a gram of ice a day for over 2 months straight and still being sedated enough by the anti-psychotic he slept over 10 hours every single night. He did not take the ice to get high or go on adventures or anything fun minded he was literally taking the ice to get as much of a dopamine release as possible to get in tune with his brain and spiritual self and remind him that things are going to be OK and life will not be like this forever. Life was hell at the time, he just worked his arse off around volatile and negatively minded staff that he didn’t have the head space to deal with on a human resources levels – he was just living day by day wasting copious amounts of money on a drug he wished he never had to take and once again his brain kept coming back to the initial thoughts “why couldn’t they just give me modafilil instead of this shit, unless they actually want me to kill myself or have my brain deteriorate to a level where I may as well be dead anyway”.

Below is proof from early on in admissions Matthew was requested constantly that the treating doctors try modafinil and provided them all with medically backed evidence and literature that it is effective and does work.

They did not want a piece of it and sued it against him in the tribunals stating that “Matthew wants to be treated with another stimulant, he is losing his mind”. Well, as we know from the above pages, Modafinil IS NOT a stimulant. The doctors who have verbally stated or in writing it is a stimulant that can be heard in our media library should be taken to court over severe medical negligence. (Yes, Dr. Irene Goa we are looking right at you).