Personalised Vitamins

Are Personalised Vitamins a Step Forward or Simply a Craze?

In recent times, there has been an uptake in new brands that offer services for personalised vitamins. Such services run a quiz that is intended to find out what minerals and vitamins your genetics say you’ve got a higher tendency to be lacking in. Such companies claim to be customising the right supplements to the precise body requirements from the results of such quizzes. However, some health specialists think these bespoke quizzes are simply an intelligent marketing tactic without a ton of stuff.

Such online surveys are a good origin; however, nothing substitutes micronutrient testing and a consultation with a registered dietician. Micronutrient labs can be drawn like any routine blood test and can provide precise markers for levels of certain micronutrients and vitamins. Based on the provider ordering it, such tests can be expensive.

Daily dose of vitamin C may help prevent muscle loss - Clinical Daily News  - McKnight's Long Term Care News

It is wonderful that such personalised supplement companies are using recent research for micronutrient recommendations particularly for issues associated with women, but the recommendations are being generalised. In other words, such companies will simply recommend products that they sell, and therefore the “free” assessment is more often a marketing plan. However, there’s an argument that it is better than randomly ordering supplements online with no knowledge depending on what is required.

Gender plays a role as well, since women have distinctive nutrient requirements, particularly in diverse phases of life. For example, women require more iron as compared to men do, since they lose iron during their menstrual cycles each month, in addition to during pregnancies. Women even have a greater requirement for calcium, since they’ve got a quicker cell turnover rate as compared to men.

The needs are dissimilar during the key reproductive years as well. Folate, in particular, is a must for women who are trying to conceive or are pregnant, and it can be the case that there may not be sufficient within a generic multi-vitamin.

As a rule, investigate the background of the company and make an assessment yourself. Is this a marketing trick? Do they know their stuff and are actually giving me helpful advice for personalised nutrition? Check out the products available at Alyve Wellness if you wish to buy them!