No Dental Insurance? Here Is A Solution For You

The cost of dental insurance in the States can range from 180 dollars to 360 dollars.  Unfortunately, only 77% of the population can afford dental insurance. Dentists have recognized this issue and have come up with ways of making dental visits affordable. One such doctor is  Dr. Navleen Kaur Thind, DDS of Academy Dental, a cosmetic dentist in Hamilton who is revolutionizing dental care.

So, if, for instance, you need to get fillings, crowns, or you need to bridge a gap between your teeth. These are just but a few of the preventive treatments being offered at Academy Dental to patients that lack dental insurance.

You are probably wondering how this is possible considering how expensive dental treatments are. A 2016 survey by the American Dental Association stated that the cost of orthodontic treatment ranged from $5,100 to $7,045.

You may have tried going to school dental clinics or even attempted ‘dental tourism.’ The latter is where you go for dental visits outside the country. This option is not sustainable, especially for emergency dental visits where your tooth gets knocked off or gets chipped during a Muay Thai practice or any accident for that matter.

Keep in mind that insurance coverage varies for each state, and some do not cover cosmetic treatments. Academy Dental provides a direct dental plan for those paying out of pocket. All you need to do is subscribe to the clinic’s dental plan as well as the doctor’s network site.

All Hope Is Not Lost Afterall

The dental plan is a membership program that enables you to receive discounted preventive, prosthetic dental, Invisalign®, cosmetic, restorative, as well as implant treatment at a highly discounted price.

You can’t disregard oral health and the myriad benefits that come with proper dental hygiene. Traditionally, dental visits were mainly for crucial preventive measures and treatments, such as getting root canals and dentures. Things have changed, and cosmetic procedures are on the rise.

It’s only fair that everyone gets a chance to smile confidently, and that is the main philosophy at Academy Dental.

How It Works

You need to pay an activation fee to complete your registration. You will then begin paying a monthly subscription fee of 24.98 dollars. This will give you access to a wide range of preventive care and tests, as well as great discounts on cosmetic dental procedures such as alignment, braces, and veneers.

You will then pay 25 dollars for routine check-ups visits and get up to 95% percent discounts on treatments. Additionally, this plan does not have a waiting period; therefore, you begin reaping the benefits once you’ve subscribed.

Dental Insurance

Other benefits include unlimited dental treatments that guarantee access to discounted treatment throughout the year. The plan does not require any deductibles, which saves you the hassle of following up with the insurance on denial claims.

Pain-Free Experience

The team at Academy Dental are highly trained professionals who believe in improving the lives of communities one smile at a time. They have specialized in pain-free dentistry for both adults and children.

The clinic combines the latest equipment with other techniques such as yoga and meditation to help patients unwind and keep calm during and after treatment. The clinic is also child-friendly and has a game room aimed at enhancing children’s experience.