My Friend Bought Imitation Urine and It Worked

Imitation Urine

When it comes to passing drug screenings, you should remember that everything depends on the type of test you have to pass.

Generally, the most common choice among employers is urinalysis because it is not invasive; it is affordable and straightforward to conduct when compared with others.

Of course, employers can also choose other types that are less common such as hair analysis, saliva, and blood testing that will help you detect the presence of illegal substances within your system.

Therefore, the process of passing the test depends on numerous factors, which means that you should learn about general information so that you can determine the time you need to cleanse yourself.

Since most screenings happen on short notice, it may be challenging to pass it if you consume drugs regularly, which is why you can enter this site: to learn on how to pass urinalysis.

If we have to compare different types of drugs, you should have in mind that they tend to remain in urine for up to two weeks based on level of consumption. However, things are entirely different from cannabis since they may mingle within your system for months after the last joint.

Let us start from the beginning:

How Long Does Marijuana Stay In System?

You probably understand that we cannot state an exact number of days you should abstain from cleansing your system from THC. The main reason for that is because everybody reacts differently, and you should consider various factors along the way.

In case you consume it regularly, it may stay in your urine and hair up to three months after the last consumption. On the other hand, moderate users can cleanse themselves in approximately one month.

Finally, if you smoked one joint and nothing more, you can remove THC from the body in ten days max, but the process will take much less than that.

Other drugs stay in the system for days; only weed metabolites are highly challenging to remove especially if you have large percentage of body fat.

If the employer decided to conduct hair follicle drug test, remember that THC, as well as other substances you consumed, will remain within your hair for at least three months, while it may stay for years depending on specific situations.

How to Remove THC From Urine?

1.Natural Detoxification

If you have at least a month before the test, you will be able to cleanse your body through abstinence and specific lifestyle regiment that you have to follow. Remember that our bodies feature a unique detoxification process that will cleanse your urine and blood naturally.

However, the main problem lies in the idea that THC is fat-soluble, which means that it will enter your fat cells and remain inside based on factors such as metabolic rate, weight, height, frequency of consumption, and potency of strain that you consumed.

The best way to cleanse yourself naturally is to combine exercises with a healthy diet and supplements that will speed up your metabolic rate and reduce body fat percentage.

2.Detoxification Remedies

You can also choose various detoxification programs in case you have a few days before the testing. These methods and remedies will speed up the process of natural detoxification so that your body can get rid of excessive amounts of THC.

These programs come with kits that you have to consume and instructions that you should follow to reach the success you want in the first place.

3. Same Day Cleansing

If you have to do it as soon as possible, you can find on the market numerous detoxification drinks that will help you mask the presence of THC metabolites within your urine.

At the same time, these drinks contain B vitamin complex that will bring color to your diluted urine, so that labs cannot detect that you tried to tamper with the results.

Since you will not be able to remove traces of THC, the best way to pass the test is to dilute your urine by increasing water intake prior the screening dates. That way, the urine will have more extensive content of water, which may reduce the amount of THC below the testing threshold.

The main problem is that labs know how to detect diluted urine since it is the standard way of cheating the test. The urine becomes colorless due to high levels of water, which is why you should take a few pills of vitamin B complex to make it yellowish as before.

In best-case scenario, you will be able to get detox kit or drink that features everything you need inside so that you can reduce the hassle of dealing with everything that surrounds you.

To understand everything about drug testing in general, you should check here.

4.Avoid Doing Drugs

Finally, yet importantly, complete abstinence is the easiest way to reduce the possibility of failing the drug test, especially since the test can mean a difference between getting a dream job or not.

If you avoid drugs for at least a month before the test, the chances are great that you will be able to pass. At the same time, check out your company’s policy when it comes to drug testing.

If they do it frequently, it will be highly stressful to consume drugs to undergo the radical cleansing process that ultimately may affect your health as time goes by.

Therefore, it is much better to avoid consumption and act based on the rules from the workplace you are working in.

Things You Shouldn’t Do While Cleansing Your Body

When you check online for best remedies that will help you pass drug tests, you can find some highly illogical and unhealthy treatments that will only leave your frustrated afterward.

Some myths include that you can take a detergent and place it into urine to get the right color, but that may cause it to bubble, which means that lab technicians will notice the difference.

At the same time, bleach will not help you as well, because even if you do it, you will fail. If you wish to tamper with the urinalysis, we recommend you to dilute it or find a fake pee so that you can substitute it and pass the test.