Losing Excess Fat With Ultrashape

Losing Excess Fat


Ultrashape is an FDA-approved solution that helps to permanently reduce excess fat in areas of your body. Although it’s not suitable for everyone, the UltraShape procedure helps you remove stubborn fat such as love handles, wobbly arms, belly fat and even back fat. It uses a painless form of ultrasound technology to selectively destroy fat cells at specific points in the body. It uses a smooth device to gently administer ultrasound waves without harming the skin, nerves, blood vessels and other surrounding tissues. The device sits comfortably on the surface of the skin where it targets and destroys the fat cells. Anyone who is considering the UltraShape procedure should look for a treatment center run by a licensed and board-certified professional, such as the Midwest Integrated Medical Center.

The Ideal Candidate

Patients likely to realize the greatest benefits are those with a BMI ratio of less than 30 and who also lead a healthy lifestyle. The ideal candidate should have about two to four inches of fat in the area to be treated and are able to pinch inches of fat in the troubled spot. The procedure is not a treatment for being overweight or obesity. It’s also not a replacement for liposuction, and should not be used to remove cellulite and loose skin.

What Amount of Fat Can You Lose?

UltraShape is an ideal procedure for people with excess fat in specific places. This means that the amount of fat that can be lost cannot be huge, thus if you’re thinking about undergoing the procedure, it’s important to keep your expectations in check. Maintain realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. After the first treatment, many report a fat loss averaging two and a half centimeters, and about three and a half centimeters after the third treatment.

The fat loss may not be significant enough to record a huge difference in body weight, but it may be what’s needed to boost your confidence and self-esteem and make you feel better about yourself. A three-centimeter reduction is a big difference when it comes to clothing sizes, and it may assist you to fit comfortably into your favorite pair of jeans. It might just be the confidence boost you need to make further healthy changes in your life. Many patients consider the treatment as part of a well-rounded exercise and diet program to help them maintain a healthy body. They consider UltraShape as an added incentive to kick-start their weight-loss programs.

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Side Effects

Most patients find the UltraShape procedure to be comfortable. Others have reported minor side effects such as pain and bruising, but these are non-life-threatening effects, which are rare and generally dissipate after a short time. The patient feels nothing; neither a hot or cold feeling nor a numbing or sucking sensation on the skin that might be expected. The procedure goes smoothly, and you’ll be able to return back to your normal activities as soon as the treatment is done. In fact, you can have the procedure done during lunch hour and return to work in the afternoon.


The costs of the treatment largely depends on the size of the targeted surface to be treated. A majority of the patients require two or three sessions to achieve their desired results. However, improvements are being made that will see the sessions reduced to just one. The average cost is about $1000.