How to Relax and Unwind After a Long Day

After a long day from work or school, everybody just wants to relax. But sometimes it can be a struggle – knowing what to do, or where to go, or who to hang out with, perhaps. Different people have different interests and notions about how to unwind, but here are the most common ways you can relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy some downtime.

Get Active

Sometimes one worries so much thinking about how to calm down that they become anxious instead. Physical activity is a great way to take your mind off things without so much effort since it helps you to zero in on feeling more connected with your body as it moves around. Better yet, physical activity releases feel-good hormones which promotes relaxation and stress reduction. Such exercises include yoga and meditation, these types of activities often make you “forget” while those activities that exercise the cardiovascular part of your body, like swimming and running, help cheer you up and decrease anxiety. Or if you would like to walk instead, or do some basic stretches, or tend to your garden, that’s also good for you as long as you let your body guide your mind into relaxing.

Netflix and Chill

Literally, just watch something that’s easy to consume and doesn’t demand too much analysis. Try a lighthearted romcom show, or browse through short humorous videos. Action-packed films or movies with complicated plots will keep you up at night! Having something to watch that doesn’t need a lot of concentration is especially nice when you want to relax but still want something going on in the background.

Do Art

Several psychological studies discuss an experience where people “completely lose themselves in a creative activity” and they call it the “creative flow”. This can be felt when a person immerses himself in creative endeavors such as painting, creating something like origami or pottery, or writing. According to the same studies, creative people are more fulfilled in their lives. So if you’re the kind of person who enjoys creativity, make time for creative activities. Not only does it allow you to practice your craft, being creative also helps you to calm your nerves down as the thoughts of the day slowly go away.

Write it Down

Aren’t there times when the thoughts in your head are just too much and too many that you want to let them out? Free-writing is a wonderful way to express those thoughts and process your emotions around those thoughts. Free-writing lessens the pressure off of writing because there isn’t a strict structure to follow, you just let your thoughts flow freely from your mind to your hand. When your brain has unloaded its burdens and your chest feels lighter, chances are you will feel more relaxed.

Take a Warm Bath

Warm water helps your muscles be more relaxed and it aids in the dilation of  blood vessels which in turn increases blood circulation. Baths are beneficial because these require you to be still, and being in the bathtub is a perfect time to meditate, listen to tranquil music, or just simply zone out. Another great thing about baths is that it isn’t as stimulating as exercise or massage, but is, in fact, soothing, and so a lot of people include this in their pre-bedtime routine. You can do this by turning on your water heater, running some hot water into the bath, and lying down for about 10-20 minutes. If you don’t have a bath tub, take a shower instead. Showers are faster than bathing, and a little bit of warmth on the head will feel nice. Warm baths or showers are a fantastic way to calm your nerves, so make sure your bathroom or your safe haven after work is intact and well maintained. You can tap on your neighborhood’s trusted plumber that can offer residential or commercial plumbing services to check it for you annually or when you need to.

Taking the time to unwind after hustling the whole day is a way to take care of yourself, if not a form of self-love. Doing things to relax also prevents burnout so you can always be your best self. When you’re confused about what to do at the end of the day, do some physical activity, or opt to watch a light show, get creative, express what you’re feeling inside through words, or simply take a warm bath.