Feeding Your American Bulldog A Natural Diet

The muscle, power, and strength we feel when looking at a bulldog are undeniable, they have a sense of confidence that seems to be present from the day that they are born. Even American bulldog puppies like to bully their way through onto the couch into their favorite spot and because they win you over with that cute face you give in.

Nurturing and caring for a dog is joy beyond words but with that comes big responsibility and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Besides the necessity of walking, training to have some form of discipline, and keeping them active, nutrition plays an integral part in their lives and proper growth.

Without the correct or essential vitamins and minerals as a large part of their diets your dog could suffer from physical complications later on in life, and we should give them the best quality of life that they deserve.

A Healthy Appetite.

Dogs need a portion of quality food to sustain them throughout the day, while most people like to leave a bowl of dry kibble or snack out all day for them to graze on as they come and go in and out of the house, a cooked meal is essential.

This also needs to be looked at carefully, as we would do for our dinners, filled with nutrients, providing the vitamins we need for optimal body functioning, and finding out what the food contains means looking at the ingredients listed on the side packaging.

When your dog is not eating the full dinner or seems to be picking at his usually favorite foods then you know that something must be up, but there are other reasons besides illness as to why your dog is not eating regularly.

  • Dental. Your dog could be suffering from pain in his mouth or issues with his teeth and, like us, trying to chew on an aching tooth is no pleasant ride. If possible try to look in your dog’s mouth to see if there are any visible signs of decay or disease on the gums, or perhaps a broken or chipped tooth, if you can’t see anything then still head to the vet’s just to be safe.

It may not be anything and your pup could just not be in the mood but there is no reason to take chances on something that could be seen earlier rather than later. See here https://www.akc.org/expert-advice/health/why-wont-my-dog-eat/ for more information on the signs and symptoms that you could look for if you have any concerns.

  • This is one symptom I can relate to, there is nothing worse than being in a new environment that is serving food and you are forced to eat like the queen is watching you. It is uncomfortable, you are not even enjoying it, and in the end, you just don’t bother. The same can go for dogs, moving home could be stressful for them and until they get accustomed to their new surroundings and everyone gets settled they may avoid food or nibble when no one is watching.
  • If your pup is a new addition to the home, your old dog may become aggressive and possessive, this puts your new furry family member on edge and is a possible reason for the loss in appetite.


A Family Dog.

What’s great about American bulldogs is that although they have this fierce demeanor and look about them they are the perfect addition to any family, they are friendly and lovable and great as a companion.

Because they are so active and need a lot of exercise (some great ideas in this link on how to maintain or increase your pup’s fitness, and believe it or not it doesn’t always need to be as a walk or run on your part), they also require a more tailored and personalized meal plan.

A menu with dishes that complement its age, weight, and size is a great starting point, then you can tweak and edit it to his preferences, and unleash your cooking creativity as you embark on a dog food cooking culinary experience.

You want food that is high in meat protein to aid in building and feeding growing muscles, fats such as Omega-3 which have a good amount of acids that aid in digestion and a small but essential amount of carbs to rule out the risk of obesity yet provide an energy fuel source to some degree.

If this is your first dog then trying different foods till you find the ones that work will take some time, but be sure to transition from one food to other gradually so as not to provoke an upset or runny stomach.

Begin with one ingredient at a time, adding in a natural and organic mineral source such as those found at holistapet which are great for all dog varieties and do particularly well with bulldogs, and you can slowly make the necessary changes without causing too much of a dietary commotion.

A Final Thought.

No matter the type of dog breed you have at home the main objective is to give them as natural, wholesome, and ideally chemical-free foods as possible. This will help prevent illness and injury, let them live a long life with as little pain as is achievable in their golden years, and offer a comforting haven to call home. They know they can rely on you to be their support system in all aspects.