Doping In Bikini Fitness Is Not Tabu

Bikini Fitness is one among eight – nine basic “bodybuilding nominations” during which you’ll compete not only in IFBB International, but also in other organizations. of these “bodybuilding” nominations (we are talking about bodybuilding, women, physique, classic bodybuilding, classic physique, body fitness, fitness, sports-modeling nominations wellness fitness and bikini fitness, for instance modeling nomination fit model) require the utilization of procedures in preparation, which with the utilization of strength training and diet modification, diet:

they will highlight muscle mass (of course in accordance with the competition rules – muscle mass “above the limit defined by the rules” may be a reason for competition failure)
allow the specified loss of subcutaneous fat to be achieved

However, the past and therefore the present show that in practice they’re wont to achieve the set goals legally, but also the so-called dirty practices – practices that are often in conflict with anti-doping rules, practices that basically endanger the health and sometimes the lives of these whose goal is to compete in one among the body building nominations. Paradoxically, this is applicable not only to fitness, body fitness and women’s physique nominations (which are considered “superstructure” within the competition nominations – i.e. there’s already a corresponding muscle development, musculature related to the standard of muscle mass), but also for bikini fitness , where musculature isn’t the sole and decisive criterion for fulfillment

On the competition stage, I regularly see bikini fitsky with clear signs of the utilization of the so-called dirty practices that arbitrators shouldn’t overlook. The referees are once more within the hands of the direction during which bikini fitness will develop. Excessive musculature, Y-shape of proportions (with significant muscular development of the upper body and subtle lower part) rather than appreciated and desired X proportionality, excessive muscular definition, any manifestation of virializing effects (indicating the utilization of so-called dirty practices), clear (understand – visible . Without exception.

And those found in “bikini fitness” should be noted about these practices. And warn them that they will pay extra for his or her use. Why? they will really become champions in bikini fitness even without the utilization of those practices – in any case , as I even have already written, bikini fitness isn’t primarily about musculature, dice on the abdomen, or bands / veins on the shoulders. Referees shouldn’t forget this within the same way as coaches – those with often meaningless recommendations and therefore the statement “give yourself, everyone takes something” start a carousel which will be difficult to prevent . And we, at the Bikini Fitness Camp projects, are constantly facing the question since 2016: “Is it possible to achieve bikini fitness without doping?”

What dirty practices are abused by some bikini fitnes / doping girls and their trainers on the road to past success in preparation for competition performances? For what purpose are they abused? What does one find seldom within the handbags of doping sins (usually the less talented ones), even those whose goal is to compete in bikinifitness?

Which Anabolic Steroids Are Often Found In Woman´S Handbags?

Let’s summarize this in several articles dedicated to this issue. Before we address this issue additionally al detail at bikini fitness Camps.
The main reason why men have more muscle mass (and usually less adipose tissue) than women is 10-20 times higher levels of anabolic / androgenic, naturally secreted and present hormones (testation, dihydrotestosterone, androsterone, androstane diol, etc.). additionally , they’re found during a higher proportion of men’s bodies in a lively , unbound form (due to lower levels of specific plasma proteins capable of binding these hormones – SHBG and albumins). This lack of doping sins is solved simply – they abuse anabolic / androgenic steroids (AAS) usually with lower androgenic action, usually in tablet form (oxandrolone, stanozolol, methenolone acetate, norethandrolone). There also are people who reach for injection forms (methenolone enanthate, testosterone propionate, mastering, drostanol).

The fact that anabolic / androgenic steroids are often a part of the “bikini fitness handbags” was confirmed by Oksana Artyomova at the historically first IFBB Bikini fitness World Championships at the top of 2011 – absolute World Champion Oxana ARTYOMOVA was positively tested within the competition on one among the 2 oldest existing AAS for methandienone (methandrostenolone; at that point , only two height categories competed on the international stage within the bikinifitness nomination, Artyomova won within the lower one, and Weiterová won within the higher one).

The reason for the abuse: to scale back the time dedicated to training, which is important to vary the proportions of the body thanks to the expansion of muscle mass – this is often a prerequisite for successful competition. AAS not only support the expansion of muscle mass, but accelerate regeneration, thus allow you to coach harder and longer, in addition, increase the motivation to coach (what usually lasts in years, are often achieved in months when abused – but it’s purchased by a variety of side negative effects). AAS also are abused to stay muscle mass within the diet, which is a component of pre-competition training, some also are wont to reduce water retention within the subcutaneous on the day of competition (by changing the ratio between estrogens and androgens within the body)

Possible adverse effects: are hooked in to the dose, duration of abuse and therefore the sort of anabolic / androgenic steroid being abused. Doping sins usually register virializing effects within the sort of problems with the cycle (the cause may be a significant interference with the body’s hormonal system), after exceeding the individual limit, voice changes may occur (it becomes hoarse, acquires a “male” breath), increased hairiness (hair) they increase on the abdomen towards the navel, on the breasts, the hair of the forearm, fingers, face, upper back increases, the hairs change their color and thickness, they become more pronounced), hair loss, the structure of the skin changes (it is rougher, more sticky to the touch, acne appears on the shoulders and back, often mainly on the face – cheeks, chin, the skin of the duping is far oily, the pores are visibly enlarged, it seems to be more susceptible to stretch marks).