Donor Egg Specialist Located In Newport Beach, Ca

Fertility issues have been significant stress among many couples. If you are a couple and you are experiencing difficulties in conceiving, we have a team of qualified specialists who can offer practical solutions. If you are looking for Newport Beach donor egg specialists, then you can find top quality services at OC Fertility Clinic.

At the facility, you will get qualified fertility specialists, who work closely with you to achieve incredible results. You will get treated by Nidhee Sachdev, MD, and Sharon Moayeri, MD, who are both fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists. They are also board-certified fertility specialists, with a broad range of experience in offering fertility treatments to both men and women.

What is Donor Egg?

A younger woman donates an egg to intended parents who haven’t been successful in conceiving biologically. The parents can decide to get pregnant themselves or can use a gestational carrier.

What's Being an Egg Donor Recipient Like? - Preparation & Process

The egg can get fertilized by the partner’s sperm or donated sperm if the male partner also has fertility problems. A surrogate mother can also be an option and carry the donor egg for the couple or individual.

After fertilization, the donor eggs grow to become embryos and are then transferred to the uterus of the mother. It implants and finally develops into a fetus. At the facility, the team of fertility specialists uses the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process to guarantee high chances of success.

Why Donor Eggs

There are various reasons why couples and individuals opt for donor eggs. The main reasons for egg donation treatment include:

  • A woman’s advanced age making it impossible to conceive
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Infertility brought about by different factors such as chemotherapy and medical problems
  • Avoiding unwanted genetic conditions present in the conceiving mother
  • Lesbian couples who prefer to use donor eggs on one of the parent’s uterus
  • Single men and LGBTQIA who want to have children through surrogacy

Once at the clinic, the healthcare professionals work closely with you to ensure that you get a personalized treatment solution.  All the egg donors undergo thorough screening to minimize any chances of complications during the pregnancy, and once the baby is born.

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The Process of Egg Donation

The women donors are usually in their twenties as this presents the best chance of harvesting healthy eggs. They undergo ovarian stimulation and get their eggs removed. The stimulation enables the women to produce many usable eggs during a single menstrual cycle.

The fertility specialist will harvest the eggs through a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Once the egg gets fertilized, the embryo will first undergo testing to screen for any underlying genetic conditions.

The uterus of the intended parent or the surrogate is prepared and the healthy embryo is implanted. The parent or gestational carrier gets hormonal medication during the first trimester and will be under close supervision from a fertility specialist at the clinic.

Donor egg plans have proved to be a successful option for couples looking to have families when biological or medical conditions make it hard. The specialists at the clinic work to ensure that you get the best donor and determine the most effective strategy for you to become pregnant. Make an effort and visit the facility if you are looking for fertility options that work.