Choosing the Perfect Underwear: A Style for Everything

Although you might not think it, your choice of undies is an important one, and not just for impressing the ladies. Gone are the days of just grabbing a pair out of the drawer and hoping they hold up to the activities you have planned. Whether they end up on the locker room or the bedroom floor, you need to pick the perfect pair for each situation.


For everyday wear, you can’t beat a good pair of boxers. They range in style from men’s underwear with pouch styles to ultra-loose sleeping shorts. The main characteristic of this type of underwear is a longer leg and more coverage.


Form-fitted boxers are perfect for men who want the length of a boxer with the fit of a brief. Fitted boxers are specifically designed for an active lifestyle and work environment. They cling tightly to your legs and move as you do. This makes them great for engaging in more rigorous activities.

Pouch Boxers

A newcomer on the underwear scene, pouch boxers are fitted boxers with a supportive pouch. This development is great for those that want a bit more from their undergarments. Not all pouches are created equal. Some gather all of your bits into one single pouch, while others take the time to separate dangly bits for maximum support.

Loose Fit

Loose-fitted boxers are great for informal pants and sleepwear. These have a wider leg and a more relaxed fit. These work well for business and business casual work environments and when you are not particularly active. Two common issues with this style are the absence of a ball pouch and the fact that they tend to ride up. In other words, you might find them in places that you didn’t intend for them to be.

No matter what style of boxers you choose, you should know that studies agree that if you want your swimmers in optimum health, pouches and loose-fit boxers are the best choices. Both men and women tend to agree that fitted boxers and fitted boxers with pouches are the preferred underwear, but you have other style options if the situation calls for them.


There are about as many names for briefs as there are styles. No matter what they are called, this style is the bikini of men’s underwear. They provide a form-fit with the comfort of being smaller than boxers. Briefs usually don’t ride up your leg unless, of course, you are engaging in extra-curricular activities where riding up is desirable.

Standard Briefs

Standard briefs are the most common brief style. Fortunately, men’s briefs have come a long way from the tighty-whitey stage of underwear fashion history. They still have the same basic shape but are more form-fitting, made from better materials, and are available in a wider range of colors than plain white, although you can get those too if you are so inclined.


Thongs are a bold choice when it comes to men’s underwear. These are the briefest of the briefs. The front is normally dedicated to holding things in place, and the back is designed to emphasize the buttocks. Both men and women consider the thong a sexy addition to many outfits.

All of the brief styles of underwear are available with a pouch for those who like the comfort, and support pouches provide.

Today, men have a lot more choice when it comes to color, style, fabric, and exact fit. If you’ve never tried the different styles, you probably should try them at least once. You might find something that you like. Whether you are playing on the field, on the town, or in the bedroom, you should choose the type and style that fits the occasion.

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