Best Way To Keep Cannabis Fresh For Longer

Cannabis is just like any other regular food, the buds will dry up after not using it for a long time. Smoking it will also not give you the same high that could be possible if you smoked it when you first bought it.

While maturing is unavoidable, it tends to be eased back down with legitimate safeguarding. We’ll show you what can hurt your buds with age, and how you can save them from time and the components.

In case you’re the sort to purchase bud in mass, or simply don’t smoke time and again, we can envision you’ve wound up with old weed on your hands.

You can reprimand something’s the point at which you squeeze the evaporated, lightweight nugs. You may require something to smoke, yet would that old stuff even get you high by any means? Regardless of whether it did, what might the flavor resemble?

Regardless of the appropriate responses, you’re probably considering how you can prevent your weed bought online from getting like that once more.

All things considered, you can’t stop the maturing cycle, however you can back it off! Most importantly, you’ll need to ensure your weed is expertly relieved, set in ideal holders, and put away in a cool room at the correct temperature and dampness.

What Happens When Weed Gets Old?

Before we go further into that conversation, however, we need to offer you a more profound comprehension of what happens when your weed begins to age.

Lost Thc

As weed is presented to warmth, oxygen, and UV light, the cannabinoids inside, including THC, will start to separate. It doesn’t occur excessively fast, yet the change can get observable following half a month. It won’t leave you calm, however a joint won’t get you as high as the one you rolled when you originally got it.

Lost Flavor

Lost THC won’t be the solitary outcome of keeping your weed in a warm spot. As it gets more fragile, it’ll additionally taste and feel harsher after smoking.

This, obviously, is an aftereffect of the terpenes drying out after some time. Over the top light and dampness will achieve their defeat also.

Does This Also Happen To Cbd-Rich Bud?

In case you’re more disposed to smoke CBD-rich strains, you may keep thinking about whether any of this concerns you. Indeed, since CBD is likewise a cannabinoid, and since the buds additionally have terpenes, it also can debase with age.

The high isn’t a factor, yet you’ll pass up the other possible advantages of CBD.

Utilize Air-Tight Glass/Ceramic Containers Or Vacuum Bags

When your buds have been adequately relieved, we’d suggest you keep them in their artisan containers. Taking into account how much harm oxygen can do, impermeable holders are the most ideal decision you can make for your weed.

It can’t simply be any holder, however. As we referenced previously, plastic can really hurry the maturing cycle, so Tupperware would be hasty.

A glass or artistic compartment, be that as it may, will keep it protected and new.

That being stated, vacuum packs are additionally unimaginably compelling, as they’re normally without air.

Keep It Dark

Alongside your compartment of decision being impermeable and glass/clay, it should likewise be dark. Light can unleash ruin on your cannabis, and passing out your containers can guarantee complete wellbeing.

Prior to that, nonetheless, you should ensure your relieving room is totally dim (with the lights off) in the first place. With passed out containers, however, you can turn on the lights to check in without stressing excessively.

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Keep up Cool Temperatures

Whenever you have your buds in their compartments, you’ll need to ensure the room remains reliably cool: beneath 25.5ºC (78ºF) to keep form from flourishing. Turning it down to 21ºC (70ºF) would be ideal.

Guarantee Clean Storage


Presently, with nearly everything all together, you simply need to ensure things remain clean. Ensure you dust the racks and containers, alongside vacuuming or cleaning the floor when required. Thusly, ensure you don’t invest an excess of energy in there, as any soil you track in should be tidied up later.


To cover off our conversation, we thought we’d investigate those individuals battling against the idea old enough being a disservice to cannabis.

Obviously, for certain individuals, the relieving cycle is an artistic expression. For admirers of matured weed, the prime kind of a strain arises with time, and some think of it as important to stand by at any rate five months in the wake of relieving prior to smoking their reserve.

This is as yet an extremely new way of thinking, however. When all is said in done, we wouldn’t suggest attempting it except if you have long involvement in cannabis.

However, your excursion with weed is your own, and we would prefer not to prevent you from testing!