Best Cannabis Strains for Beginners


If you are an avid user, growing your own cannabis plants will give you a whole new appreciation for weed. If you intend on becoming a commercial grower, understanding every detail of how this industry works will determine your success from the beginning. Marijuana has a lot of health benefits whether you are using it for recreational or medical purposes.

Among the most important things to know as you go into growing is understanding what seeds are best to grow, especially for beginners. There are different types of cannabis seeds in the market, and some produce higher quality plants than others. Here are some of the best beginner-friendly strains that you will find at your weed dispensary.

1. Early XXX

Early XXX is a great strain to start your weed growing venture with. This strain grows faster than most of the other seeds, allowing you to enjoy it quickly. Moreover, you will not have to worry about the perfect planting location because Early XXX thrives in indoor and outdoor environments. A fully grown herb will yield around 500 g, which is very impressive.

This strain’s THC level is 15 percent, and it is 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica. When you smoke it, you will experience relaxation and happiness. You can easily find seeds for this strain at any reputable pot shop.  Some people have reported feeling forgetful and distracted after using this strain. Therefore, the best time to take it is when you want to feel cozy after a long day of work rather than when you want to be focused or productive.

2. Papaya

Papaya is excellent for you as a beginner because it is resistant to infections, hardy, produces good yields, and matures quickly. It also has a unique taste and aroma, which makes it more desirable. It is an Indica strain, and its plant is short, although it is dense. As much as it is an Indica strain, it produces effects typically produced by Sativa strains, including productivity, overall calm, and energy bursts.

Papaya is recommended as a great medical strain that will treat your symptoms without making you lethargic or drowsy. You will easily find the seeds for this plant at any weed clinic near you.

3. Autopilot XXL

This is an auto-flowering hybrid strain that has the powerful effects of Big Bud XXL. It thrives in a temperate climate all year round, unlike other seeds that only thrive in autumn. The plant has a peppery taste and a pungent smell. The feminized autopilot XXL seeds will also give you a big harvest as it grows as a main bud with several other side branches.

These buds are fat and juicy despite Autopilot XXL being in an auto-flowering form. Lastly, this Indica-dominant strain has a THC level of 15 percent and takes only six weeks to grow, either indoors or outdoors.

It would be best to first research before settling on the seeds and strains that you want to plant as a beginner. That will save you substantial amounts of resources in the long run. The varieties mentioned above are some of the best, and you should begin with some or all of them.