8 Last-Minute Beauty Hacks

When we step out each day, we all want to look our best and feel confident. And if that means waking up early to apply makeup and tease our hair into a voluptuous ’do, then that’s what you need to do. However, there are some moments – and let’s face it, entire days – that require you to rush a bit and make the most of your time. We’re not implying you skip steps necessarily, but, when you need to look your best while given a limited time to do so, here are steps to make it easier.

From appearing freshly awake to taming your bed hair, here is a list of eight last-minute beauty hacks that will have you looking more fabulous in a matter of seconds.

1. Touch Up Those Pearly Whites

A bright white smile can make you feel and look confident. So whether you overslept or are called into a last-minute video conference, make sure to show off those pearly whites. But besides taking on a time-consuming full teeth whitening routine, use a teeth whitening pen and tooth stain erasers. These handy, compact gadgets are easy to carry in a purse or pocket, making it a straightforward last-minute beauty hack when you’re in a pinch.

2. Pamper Your Puckers

Aside from pearly white teeth, make sure to address your lips. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day can keep your lips from looking chapped. However, in emergencies, here’s a last-minute beauty hack to perfect those puckers. Using a toothbrush, give your lips a gentle exfoliation in circular motions, removing dry and flaky skin. Once you smooth and buff down your lips, apply a layer of lip balm or moisturizing lipstick to lock in the hydration.

3. Get Flawless Skin

When you take the time to apply makeup, make sure your skin looks utterly flawless. Taking a tissue or square of toilet paper, gently wipe across your entire face, removing any excess powder. While this may seem counterintuitive, that excess powder can cause your makeup to come across less natural. Instead of seeing little particles across the nose or attached to fine peach hairs along the jawline or near the ears, give these areas a gentle pat-down. You’ll be surprised how much makeup winds up on the tissue.

4. Time to Glow-Up

Beauty Hacks

Once you have completed your makeup routine, give yourself a glow-up look with some simple face lotion. Taking your favorite facial moisturizer, place a few small dots on the tips of your fingers and apply the lotion to the cheekbone area to achieve a lovely and fresh, dewy look. Working with the cheekbones, dab the lotion upward and around the outer edge of the eyes. Adding even a small touch of moisturizer can create a delicate sheen that makes your face look flawless and your skin appear extra youthful.

5. Tame That Unruly Bed Hair

Don’t let yesterday’s hairdo look like a rat’s nest! Whether you passed out on your BFF’s sofa after a wild party or don’t have time to hop in the shower for a rinse, you still need to tame that hair! Luckily, there are several last-minute beauty hacks for this one!

For starters, you can carry around a container of dry shampoo for those moments when you just can’t find the time to wash your hair that morning or find yourself waking up at a friend’s place. If your hair is crazy and full of electric static, give it a quick rubdown with a lavender- or citrus-scented dryer sheet to tame those annoying free-floating strands. When all else fails, pull back your hair into a cute top-knot bun or double French braids.

6. Raise a Brow

One of the best last-minute beauty hacks a woman can achieve lies in the eyes. Tackle your brows and you can appear bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to take on the day full steam ahead. To create this look, address both the eyes and brows.

First, take a highlighter pencil and closely draw a thin line over the top of each brow. Next, blend the highlighter pencil line into your skin so that it appears more natural and gives you that added lift you need to look more awake and less like you just rolled out of bed.

7. Spritz Those Lovely Lady Locks

Beauty Hacks

Hair absorbs scents even more than our skin, which means if you break a sweat dancing or swimming in a chlorinated pool, your locks will practically reveal where you’ve been and what you’ve been up to. If you feel relatively clean but your hair has a musty sweat-like odor (or other strange odor, for that matter), it’s an easy last-minute fix.

Give it a light spritz in a scented perfume (carry perfume samples in your purse for emergencies!). You can do this two ways: one, by misting the top of your head, and two, by flipping your head over and spritzing the underside of your hair. Hint: This second way also adds some extra volume. Both ways offer a lovely scent you can smell with each flick of your hair.

8. Brighten the Eyes

Considered the window to our souls, the eyes can give away a lot. You can appear stressed or tired. Or, you can look chipper and positive. If you choose the latter, we’ve got the perfect last-minute beauty hack. Taking a white liner, trace the bottom edge of your waterline. This simple trick can make you come across as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as highlighting the brows, giving you that extra perky awake look.

Try Out These Last-Minute Beauty Hacks

Eager to try out these last-minute beauty hacks? Don’t wait for a last-minute opportunity! Try them out today, practicing each technique to get it just right. Next time you repeatedly hit snooze or find yourself invited to an unscheduled lunch date, you’ll be looking your absolute best!