Improve Your Facial Look By The Following Blepharoplasty

Sometimes people go for Blepharoplasty to remove or tighten up the excess eyelid skin. The process involved helps in giving the patient a youthful appearance and attractive expressions. There are some of the patients who require both upper as well as lower eyelids surgery for removing the bags under your skin.

What is the need of the functional eyelid surgery?

There can be some of the medical reasons which can promote the patient to go for eyelid surgery successfully. However, in some of the cases, the procedure is beneficial to remove the loose skin from the upper eyelid whenever you find it loosens. It is because the droop eyelids can create a problem for you while opening or closing of eyes or performing other visual tasks. Some of the other medical conditions responsible for making the patient ready to get eyelid surgery include:

brow-lift-front.jpg (475×313)

  • Irritation from the excess folds of the skin around the eyelid while rubbing together.
  • Discomfort on the forehead from the excess muscles that can put stress to lift skin in the eyelid area.

However, if you do not have any of the medical reasons to go for the eyelid surgery, then you can ask it with your doctor or surgeon. They can help you in deciding whether there is a need for Blepharoplasty or not.

Preparations are done for getting ready for eyelid surgery

It is essential to ask your doctor whether you need to go for local anesthesia or general anesthesia for undergoing eyelid surgery. The usual difference between the two types of eyelid surgery is that: during the local anesthesia, you will remain awake during the entire surgery procedure, but the specific area gets numbed with the drug. Whereas general anesthesia includes your sleep while the process for eyelid surgery is performing.

However, the top doctors suggest general anesthesia if the process of eyelid surgery became complicated. While undergoing the eyelid surgery procedure, you need to follow the steps mentioned below for getting the best results:

  • If your doctor advises the general anesthesia procedure to follow up, then you need to stop the medication that can thin the blood or prevent the instant blood clotting. It will reduce the possibility of more bleeding during the eyelid surgery procedure.
  • It is beneficial to eat a light meal like soup before the evening of your eyelid surgery.
  • It would help if you avoid the intake of some pain killers like aspirin, and many more. It is beneficial to avoid such pain killers at least for one or two weeks before the eyelid procedure.
  • You do not need to get any makeup during the day of your eyelid surgery.
  • You need to drink an adequate amount of water to calm down yourself and relax for the eyelid surgery.

The eyelid surgery can be complicated sometimes due to which you have to prepare yourself. However, if you are consulting the most experienced surgeon for getting the best surgery, then there is no point in worrying about it.