Oral health is an integral component of overall family health. Therefore, for you to keep your family healthy, you need the services of a reliable family dentist in addition to a primary care provider. Family dentists are trained to provide a wide range of dental services to people of all ages. Although […]

Dental health concerns begin at a tender age. Therefore, it is important for parents to get accustomed to the idea of getting pediatric dentists for their children as early as possible. Unfortunately, this is an idea that fills most parents with dread. This can be explained by the fact that the first […]

Root canal treatment or root channel treatment is the name given to a strategy that includes removing decay and disease that exists inside or in the underlying roots of the teeth. Also known as root filling, the tissues within the tooth, the pulp, areextracted afterward the tooth is filled to safeguard it […]

The importance of having a perfect smile goes beyond aesthetic issues, especially at an adult age, since a bad position of the teeth or dental malocclusion, as it is medically known, can cause tooth decay and even headaches. According to WHO data, 75% of Mexicans suffer from dental malocclusion, which significantly influences […]

A visit to the dentist doesn’t necessarily have to be a dreadful experience. Most dentists nowadays try to make the office visits as easy as possible, often allowing you to relax and watch movies and TV before the procedure. The dentists at Emerson dental arts may also break the procedures into several […]

If you want whiter, brighter, and straighter teeth in order to achieve a perfect smile, then you might consider using the services of a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists offer a number of services that seek to improve your oral health in addition to enhancing the appearance of your teeth and mouth. Unfortunately, […]

Tooth Extraction A majority of people are unclear about what tooth extraction entails, which is why they get frightened by the operation. Tooth extraction is usually needed whenever you have a tooth injury, tooth infection and diseases, and problems with dental growth. To ensure the best tooth extraction experience, consult general dentistry […]

Dental charting is a procedure in which your dental health physician assesses, lists and prescribes the health condition of your gums and teeth. Periodontal charting is part of dental charting and it refers to the six different measurements taken around each tooth. Charting is a graphic method for organizing and presenting information […]