Ways to Avoid Arthritis


Imagine trying to turn the joints on your knees and ankles and failing? And that’s not all, each movement you make comes with excruciating pain. That is what Arthritis does to you when it catches up. When you get Arthritis, your lifestyle changes drastically. You can not walk normally, and at times you can not walk at all. The work schedule you have, the workouts you do, the dog walking have to change all of a sudden, and you have the pain to contend with. Dr. Alex Yanovskiy in Des Plaines understands the pain and lifestyle change you go through during those moments and provides the expertise to help rehabilitate. However, if you can avoid this disease, then take that road. There are some lifestyle changes you can make to ensure you do not end up having to treat something you can avoid.


Watch Your Weight

The whole of your body is supported by your feet, and your knees and ankles take the fall in the case that you become overweight. Your body has a limited ability to carry your weight up to a specific limit. If you exceed the border, the joints will buckle. When you become overweight, you risk the possibility of contracting osteoarthritis. Ensure that you watch your diet and work out to control your weight.

Protect Your Body while Playing

If you are a sports lover it is nearly impossible to avoid injury at some point. However, getting injuries often weaken not only bones but also your joints due to wearing off of the cartilage. When you injure yourself multiple times, the possibility of getting arthritis increase significantly. Therefore, while you may not avoid engaging in sporting activities, use the required safety gear to keep injuries at a minimum.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids have rich nutrients that help nourish your body and reduce inflammations. The nourishment found in healthy fish are abundant and help to reduce the probability of getting Arthritis. Wild fish have more Omega-3 Fatty Acids than farmed fish; thus, you should focus on getting this type of fish. Salmon and sardines are some of the examples of proper fish to eat.

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Workout Often

Exercise allows the body to tone down on excess fats and maintain a healthy weight. It also strengthens the bones and joints. The muscles that help support your weight also reduce the stress and tension on the joints, thus reducing the possibility of getting Arthritis. The exercise chosen does not have to be of high intensity but rather engaging to work out the smaller muscles at the joints. Workouts such as swimming and other aerobic activities will do the trick.

Be Conscious of Your Movements

Ensure that you trace the places you spend most of your time. The office area, as well as at home, are some of the primary hot spots. The way you handle yourself determines how healthy you remain. The work area may exert your joints, such as your sitting posture. If you are lifting lots of weight while working, this can also affect your joints and increases the chances of getting Arthritis. Ensure you protect your joints at all times.

Go for Check-ups

Arthritis does not set in abruptly but instead develops over time. Therefore, note when you start experiencing symptoms of pain and discomfort in your joints and book a doctor’s appointment. When you treat the disease early enough, you stand a chance of healing it and stopping it from advancing and becoming unbearable.