The Types Of Dermatology For Cosmetic Reasons

Dermatology has evolved immensely from the initial practice of merely treating skin conditions and diseases, with many people nowadays opting for cosmetic dermatological treatments to enhance and revitalize their skin. The two commonly referred to branches in dermatology are medical and aesthetic, although there is much overlap between the two. There are a variety of reasons as to why people might pursue dermatological treatment, let’s consider these below.

Wrinkles and Other Lines

Wrinkles, lines, and other creases occur throughout the human body over time as a reflection of how heavily certain muscle groups have been relied upon. It almost seems unfair that smiling all your life leaves your face looking tired, and many people have turned to cosmetic surgery, dermatology treatments, and injectables for an answer. Dermatologists can provide a variety of treatments, including non-invasive ones, to help hold off age lines.

If you would prefer non-invasive, then it would be best to consider something like laser treatment to reinvigorate the collagen production in your face. Many people nowadays are opting for pico laser treatment which not only can improve skin tone, pigmentation, and texture; but also has been proven to boost collagen production.

Although there are still the most tried-and-true methods of removing wrinkles, which of course comes down to injectables. Botox was the best known dermal filler for a long time, but in this day and age there are many others available with similarly strange names like dysport and restylane. Doing your own research into each of these fillers and conferring with professionals about what might best suit your needs is the best option, and makes comparing clinics much easier, as instead of looking at the quality of each clinic you can consider their experience with the exact filler you desire. I highly recommend searching for something like “best restylane Boca Raton” on your browser (of course replacing the filler and the name place with your own) and reading through testimonials given by clients at different clinics.

Unwanted Hair

A problem which has been mis-handled by humanity for millenia, we have seen a variety of snake oil lotions and miracle razors which can either have no effect or damage the skin irreparably over time. Not to mention waxing which requires a level of masochism most people don’t naturally have, and can leave the skin raw and red for hours afterwards.

Thankfully, the future is here. With laser technology, dermatologists are able to, often permanently, disable the follicles and stop hair production. Not only is this another non-invasive technique, it comes with minimal discomfort and no downtime. For many people affected by areas of unwanted hair it seems too good to be true, and the only downside to consider is that it can take a series of sessions, and for some people’s skin or hair types it may not be the most viable option.

Many clinics across the States are able to offer this service and again it comes down to a personal preference. From experience, I try to visit some of these clinics and meet the practitioners who will be doing the treatment, as you will end up spending quite some time with this person, it may as well be someone you like. To find somewhere to start in your area search for something like “best laser hair removal Boca Raton” (again replacing BR with your area) and look for reviews complimenting the nature of their practitioners.

Skin Conditions and Scarring

There are a variety of skin conditions which we know about today, but still struggle to treat both during the time, and afterwards with scarring and other marks. Acne is something we all learn to come to terms with in our teenage years, but for many people this problem continues into their adult life which can affect people’s self-image and that can lead to many other issues.

Eczema and psoriasis are both common enough issues but suffer from social stigmas which lead people to believe there is something innately wrong with them, again affecting their self-esteem and leading to other problems in life. Scars are another issue and can serve as a nasty reminder of something either sinister or stupid, with many people playing rough sports as kids and having reminders of those days etched into their faces.

To deal with acne as an adult is somewhat easier as you have the ability to find a specialist who can provide for you a planned treatment which is specific to your skin type and needs. Dermatologists are definitely the best authority on this matter, and consulting those that are in your area can give you a fair idea of what can be down immediately to start fighting back against this condition.

Dealing with eczema often comes down to the regular use of a topical ointment, but typical over-the-counter creams can negatively affect your skin in a variety of other ways such as over-stimulating it with steroids. Seeking professional help from a dermatology clinic can provide you with a personal treatment which can promote your skin’s health instead of sacrificing it to get rid of that itch.

Scars were permanent for our ancestors, but modern technology has given us many ways in which we can reduce their appearance and in some cases conceal them entirely. Like acne and eczema there are a variety of different scars which can require different treatments depending on your scar and skin type. Consult your local dermatologist for the best advice in dealing with your scars.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Another treatment which may have seemed impossible only a few years ago, labiaplasty and non-invasive treatments have made vaginal rejuvenation not only possible, but also accessible and affordable. For those who have been through one or more pregnancies, or simply aren’t happy with how they look down there, there are some great options available to enhance and improve how you look.

Whether you’re considering these treatments for yourself, or just looking at what is possible; I hope this has been an insightful look into why many people are opting for such cosmetic dermatological treatments today.