Tempsure Treatment By Dr. Foulk

Obstetrician gynecology is a medical profession dealing with the female reproductive system. TempSure is one of the methods used by a gynecologist to provide laser treatments. TempSure uses an effective and safe non-invasive technology using radiofrequency energy to tighten skin and promote the growth of new collagen. Dr. Foulk runs a women healthcare’s treatment medical facility known as Marion Ob/Gyn, which carries out TempSure in Marion. He founded this hospital in Ohio, intending to provide minimally invasive treatments and incorporate new techniques and technology to make treatment efficient.

How Does Tempsure Work?

Dr. Foulk uses TempSure to treat aesthetic issues such as cellulite, wrinkles, and loose skin. These aesthetic problems usually occur due to rapid weight loss or due to the aging of a person. This technology treats areas such as vagina, elbows, chest, face, and around the knees except for the breast tissue. Depending on the state of health of your skin, expected results, and area requiring treatment, Dr. Foulk recommends you for the right treatment procedure.

TempSure uses the non-invasive laser treatment technology to heat layers of your skin. The heating up of the surface results in it producing new collagen that fills up the areas of your sagging skin or wrinkles. The filling up of these lost volumes results in the improvement of your skin’s tone and texture. An improvement in the tone of your skin makes you look more vibrant hence boosting one’s self-confidence.

How Long Does The Tempsure Treatment Effect To Show Results?

It might be hard to see immediate effects on your skin after a TempSure treatment procedure. Results take time because your body’s skin requires enough time to build up new collagen components. Maximum results show four to six weeks after a treatment procedure. The state of health of your skin and nature of expected results typically determine how many treatments one will need. In most cases, to achieve desired results, one requires more than one treatment session.

What Benefits Does Tempsure Have?

The TempSure treatment provides less energy stimulation to one’s nerves, making it possible to incorporate the use of higher temperatures without causing one any pain. The painless procedure offered by TempSure makes it easy to schedule a session within your daily activities. This treatment also provides long-lasting results, minimal side effects, and faster treatment as compared to other skin laser treatments.

What Additional Services Does Marion Ob/Gyn Offer?

Tempsure Treatment

Marion Ob/Gyn also offers Ob/Gyn services such as birth control, Hysterectomy, gynecology, pregnancy, and IUD. Other aesthetic treatments provided include cool Sculpting, cosmetic fillers, Crepey Skin treatment, Sciton laser, laser skin renewal, and Obstetrics. Dr. Foulk offers consultation services to patients before taking them through a treatment procedure. A patient should consider consultation before undergoing any treatment. To schedule a session, one can contact the center directly by phone or book for an appointment through the facility’s online platform.

Dr. Foulk’s dedication to providing individuals with quality health services makes this facility gain confidence from its patients. The reviews made by patients act as proof of the up-to-standard services offered by the center. Their treatments come a long way in boosting individual confidence by making one look vibrant.