Symptoms Of Crack Cocaine Use

Cocaine Use

Crack cocaine is a very dangerous drug. If you think someone you love is using crack cocaine, you are surely worried about them. There are signs to look out for to find out if your loved one is using crack cocaine. Some signs of crack cocaine use and addiction include:

  • Financial problems – A drug addiction can be very costly, physically, emotionally, and financially. Financial issues are a common way to identify a drug addiction because vast amounts of money are needed to purchase a continual supply of the drug.
  • Legal problems – The person may have been arrested, lost custody of children, or gotten into other legal issues.
  • Trouble at work or school – Uncharacteristic problems at school or work may also be a sign of crack addiction. The person may start to miss school or work, miss assignments or turn them in late, and become argumentative and paranoid.
  • Relationship problems – Trouble at home may be another sign of crack use. The person may have difficulty maintaining relationships or lose friendships.
  • Physical changes – The body will also produce signs of crack cocaine use. Some of these physical signs may include dilated pupils, extreme energy, restlessness, insomnia, and weight loss.

Long-Term Effects Of Crack Use

Above, we discussed some signs of use or abuse of crack cocaine. While no amount of crack cocaine is safe, extended use of the drug can produce additional dangerous side effects. Here are some crack long-term effects:

  • Chest pain
  • Heart problems
  • Liver, kidney, and lung damage
  • Respiratory failure
  • Tooth decay
  • Sexual dysfunction and infertility
  • Contraction of infectious diseases
  • Addiction
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Depression
  • Death

Help For Crack Cocaine Addiction

If someone you love has shown signs of crack use, there is help available. Formal treatment at a rehabilitation center will provide the most likely chance of success. Overcoming addiction is tremendously difficult, but it is possible with the right rehab program. While all rehab centers are somewhat different, the main treatment will be similar. A typical rehab program for crack addiction would include:

Cocaine Use

  • Assessment – A medical team will provide an evaluation to create a unique treatment plan for each individual.
  • Detox – The first step to ending addiction is to rid the body of all drugs and alcohol. A medically-supervised detox will take place gradually and is the safest way to detox.
  • Rehab – Once the body is clean from all drugs and alcohol, healing can take place. The person with crack addiction symptoms will take part in many therapies, including things like individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, creative therapies, and physical activity.
  • After-care – Once rehab is complete, care options will be presented to continue after leaving the rehab center. Choices available include sober living homes, alumni meeting groups, and more.

There may be many choices out there for rehab centers. How can you decide which one will be best for your loved one? Sometimes getting away from the pressures of family and friends can help in the healing process. Substance abuse treatment programs at United Recovery Project in Florida welcomes people suffering from crack addiction symptoms and is available for anyone from any state. Click here for more information.