Sleep Solutions For Restless Nights

Sleep disorders affect a lot of people and can seriously disrupt the flow of your life. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to all of your body’s daily functions and overall health. If you suffer from sleep apnea, snoring, or other sleep breathing-related disorders then you should seriously consider seeing the professionals to bring you back to your full potential. Chase Dental Sleepcare offers sleep solutions involving dental sleep care, snoring solutions and oral appliance therapy in New York and Melville, NY. To find out more about the options that are available to you, read on below.

Snoring Solutions

Although snoring can sometimes be referred to as somewhat of a joke or something to make light of, it can actually be linked to a much more serious health condition. Not only can snoring affect you and your health but it can also cause significant distress and disruption to your loved ones. If you have tried various things such as diet changes or reducing your alcohol intake to no effect, it may be time to bring in the experts.

The majority of treatments to address your snoring issues involve the creation of space between the soft palate and tongue in order to create more room in your airways. Treatments that may be able to assist you include surgery, C-PAP and mandibular advancement devices (MAD’s). However, if you have even a tiny concern that your snoring could be down to something more serious, you should speak to a professional and discuss sleep apnea. Have a look below for some more specific advice on this particular health problem.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep Solutions

When someone speaks about sleep apnea, they are in most cases referring to Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). This is the condition in which there is a total obstruction of your airways whilst you are sleeping. Many people suffer from this dangerous disorder for a number of years without even realizing it. An apnea event occurs in your sleep during the dreaming, or REM phase. It can cause the lower jaw and tongue to fall backward thus blocking your pharynx or throat. The brain becomes aware of this due to a decrease in oxygen and rouses you awake or into a light sleep. Not only is this incredibly dangerous but it can also lead to a very bad and fragmented night of sleep which can then go on to affect your day and your overall health. However, as with snoring, there are options out there to help you recover from this condition. Some of the options will be similar to those that are used to treat snoring, as snoring itself is often a key indicator of sleep apnea. Rest assured that this condition is not something that you will or should have to live through and professional help is out there.

Conclusion And Next Steps

In summary, there are a number of options out there to treat various sleep disorders that you may be struggling with. Most likely you will need to go and see a professional who will then put you through various assessments to ascertain what exactly it is that you are suffering from. Once this part is complete, there are various options out there including oral appliance therapy, continuous positive airway pressure, surgery options, and epigenetics.