Should I Visit Urgent Care For An Asthma Attack?

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Asthma is one of the biggest diseases among Americans and remains among the largest groups of killers as respiratory conditions grow. For many, the only choice when an attack occurred was calling 911 and being transported via ambulance to the hospital. With a changing landscape and improvements in medical care, emergency rooms may not always be the answer. Ask yourself these questions about choosing UrgentMed walk-in clinic before another attack strikes.

Have I Tried My Rescue Medications?

The fear of an asthma attack can short circuit our conventional thinking about emergencies. It’s easy to get carried away and scared when the amount of breath shortens and the chest tightens. The first thing to do is reach for an inhaler or solution of rescue medication for your nebulizer. Use it as directed and try to avoid going overboard as you try to correct the issue, too much medication is just as harmful as not enough. After following directions as prescribed, there should be a noticeable loosening of the chest and a more open airway. If you follow this step and nothing works, then it is time to consider urgent care.

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Do I Have Transportation?

Urgent care is a great choice for people who have access to immediate transportation options such as a car, cab, or public buses. Since you’ll probably not be in a good shape to drive, consider having someone else take the wheel. If you have no access to immediate transportation, those driving you or helping you to urgent care will be happy to know that in most cases parking is right at the door and there is no fee for parking. It might be best to call 911 immediately since every moment counts while you wait for help.

Do I Have An Emergency Contact?

Most people with asthma have someone in their lives that acts as an emergency contact, many of those living in the same home or apartment. If an emergency does happen, it is important to have a designated emergency contact listed in both your smartphone and another source such as a piece of paper. Asthma makes it hard to talk as an attack grows and you will need some way to communicate those details to an urgent care provider if you are alone or not with your choice of a contact. It also helps to keep your other details such as IDs and driver licenses together in one safe place, this helps care providers get your information as soon as possible.

Should I Worry About Costs?

Urgent cares are a great alternative that accepts both self-pay and insurance. The costs are also much lower than traditional ERs, making it a safe and quick choice for people of all income ranges. Payment can be provided in cash or credit card as well, something you will not find at most ERs. The cost savings have been known to help asthmatics get the care they might have otherwise avoided due to expensive bills and medication prices.