Regenerative Treatment In Titusville

Dr. David Daly leads Daly Integrated Medical Group, which is a health and wellness center in Titusville, Florida. The center focuses on treating the primary cause of your health problem and not just the patient’s general symptoms. The services provided by this facility improve the functional ability and quality of life in its patients. The medical personnel at Daly Integrated Medical Group believe that a person’s immune system is strong in fighting diseases under the right environment, thus incorporating knowledge from various medical fields in their procedures.

About Professionals

Daly Integrated Medical Group facility uses a multidisciplinary approach in its treatment procedures. The personnel at the center includes Dr. David and Barbara Woo Daly, who are chiropractic physicians and certified Acupuncturists. Dr. Candice Vaknin, a nurse practitioner, Dr. Alexander Smithers, a licensed acupuncturist, Tom Grasso, a licensed massage therapist, and Dr. Genise Brim, who is a registered chiropractic assistant. All of these professionals incorporate their varying knowledge and skills in finding the root cause of the health problem in a patient. Patients are free to choose their preferred service provider.

About Services

Educating their patients on good lifestyle choices is one of the goals of the medical personnel at the center. Some of the wellness centers recommended by Daly Integrated Medical Group include Ultimate Superfoods, Longevity Warehouse, Mountain Rose Herbs, Organic Food Bars, Living Fuel, Omica, Metagenics, Sense Superfoods, Fungi Perfecti, and Dales Raw Food. These wellness centers educate patients on healthy living.

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The team also incorporates the use of advanced medical technologies and holistic therapies in their treatment procedures. These treatment procedures focus on restoring the quality of life and functionality in an individual. Treatments mainly treat pain resulting from joint problems, recoveries from surgeries, and tendon issues. Some of the services offered include administering regenerative medicines to patients, chiropractic care, spinal decompression, sciatica, therapies such as Acupuncture, massage therapy, IV nutrition, and platelet-rich plasma.

How to contact the Daly Integrated Medical Group

A patient can reach the center directly through their mobile line or schedule for an appointment online. Conveniently, patients around Florida can visit the center in Titusville. Note that the health center is open from Monday to Thursday from 9 am-6 pm with some break intervals. Through the facility’s website platform, one can ask a query, by sending a message through email, concerning their services to the medical personnel. The wellness center also provides online patient forms, which a patient can fill at the convenience of their homes.

Daly Integrated Medical Group focuses on providing up-to-standard treatment procedures to their patients. The team of specialists at the center uses a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to ensure that the treatment it offers treats the root cause of the health problem. The practitioners at the center also provide patients with guidelines on healthy living by recommending various wellness centers.