Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment For Sports Injuries

Platelet-rich plasma injections are effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries. They are a great treatment option for both professional athletes as they are susceptible to injuries. Traditionally, athletes who got injured would have to undergo surgery or wait for weeks or months before recovery. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a better option. It is safe, minimally invasive, and promotes fast recovery. If you wish to get PRP in Houston, get it from a licensed and experienced doctor.

What is PRP?

PRP is some form of regenerative medicine that involves the injection of concentrated plasma close to the injured area. At the beginning of the procedure, your doctor draws some of your blood. They isolate it and concentrate it for the procedure. The concentrated plasma is injected in a carefully-picked location close to the injury and not directly on it. The doctor may use fluoroscopy or ultrasound to have a clear view of the targeted structure.

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Even though the procedure mostly uses platelets, doctors also use growth factors on the injections. Growth factors promote the healing of soft tissues and bones. Even though the body is usually able to heal itself over time, there are times when injuries are so severe that it is impossible to self-heal. PRP aids and speeds up the healing process. It eliminates the need for surgery.

Platelets are used in the treatment because they contain regulatory proteins. When injected, they adhere to the injured tissue and form a clot. They produce bioactive growth factors which heal the affected tissues and promote healing. PRP has proven to be an effective alternative to traditional methods of treating musculoskeletal injuries.

Benefits of PRP Treatment

1. Complete Rejuvenation

PRP treatment gives you a total rejuvenation. It stimulates the production of collagen which tightens the skin and gets rid of fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment may be used for cosmetic purposes such as improving the texture and tone of the skin. It may be used to treat acne.

2. It is Safe

PRP treatment is minimally-invasive and safe. It has been used in sports medicine since the 1970s. It is not a new treatment and its safety has been proved. PRP uses platelets and they are natural elements.

3. It Treats Delicate Areas

PRP injections may be used to target delicate areas and parts that are difficult to reach. If, for example, they are used for cosmetic reasons, they can target the delicate part under the eye.

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4. It Promotes Fast Recovery

The mixture used in PRP is full of proteins that promote the body’s natural healing process. When the serum is injected into the body, it goes directly to the affected tissues. It speeds up the recovery of tissues and the healing process.

5. It Deters Surgery

Traditionally, surgery is often used to treat severe injuries. However, it is invasive and many athletes prefer to avoid it. PRP is a minimally invasive procedure that may help you avoid surgery.

Medical and technological advances have improved the options for treating musculoskeletal injuries. PRP is a non-traditional method that works. It is appropriate for both athletes and those with cosmetic needs.