Injuries: Types, Causes And Treatment!

Got hit by a car? Got hurt while playing? Kitchen accident? All these types of situations cause injuries. Injuries can be very painful sometimes, whilst sometimes they don’t affect much. Injuries can occur by external force or internal force. A fight that can cause bruises and sprains and environmental injuries are known as external injuries. On the other hand, a very sudden force or movement on the muscles can cause muscles to tear or strain. Injuries can be healed, either through medications and surgeries or through therapies and exercises. So here are a few types of injuries:


Sprains can occur when two ligaments overstretch or tear. When ligaments overstretch, the bones can also disjoin as ligaments are in tissues that help to hold two bones together. Sprains occur when you make a sudden movement at a joint. Causes include car accidents, sports, lifting heavy objects, toe twist, etc. Sprains can heal by the RICE method, rest, ice, compression, and elevation. If a sprain is severe, you must consult a doctor.


Strains occur when muscles or tendons get overstretched or get tore. Tendons are those part of the body which connects two muscles. Bruising and swelling are some of the symptoms of straining. Sprains and strains mostly have the same causes and symptoms. Athletic activities, sitting with a bad posture, etc. are some of the causes of strains. Strains can be treated when you keep it protected for a few days and ice it regularly. For a severe one, consultation with a doctor is required.

Knee Injuries

As the name states, these are the sorts of injuries related to the knee. Overstretching of muscles or tendons over the knee can cause knee injuries. Knee injuries can easily cause while playing sports or in car accidents. Knee injuries can also result in bleeding in many cases, or else, it can also cause internal problems. The worse is the situation, the more difficult it gets to heal the injury. Physical therapies, exercises, and surgery are some of the options to treat knee injuries.


Dislocation of a bone is known as dislocation. A sudden force acted upon your body can lead to dislocation of bone at that body part. A dislocation can be very painful, and it leads to swelling and weakness in your body. A car accident, falls, contact in sports, and many more are the causes of dislocations. Dislocations can be treated by applying ice and heat on the affected area, by taking painkillers which doctor have prescribed, and by certain exercises too.


Fractures are known as broken bones. Fractures occur when a great force is acted upon one’s body, which causes bones to break. Fractures are a very painful injury. Hairline fracture, stable fracture, comminuted fracture, and transverse fractures are some types of fractures. Fractures are caused by sporting incidents, accidents by vehicles, and falls. However, many medical diseases cause fractures, such as certain types of cancer, minor traumas, etc. Fractures are a very delicate matter, so to stop the broken bone from moving splints should be used. After that, braces and plasters are used for the support so that the bone joins again. In severe fracture cases, metals and rods are placed surgically to hold the pieces of bone, this is a lifetime surgery.


Bruises or swellings are very common after an incident. Swellings do not cause much pain, and it also doesn’t stay for a long period of time. However, many injuries contain swelling as their symptoms, such as fractures, sprains, strains, and many more injuries as well. The severe the case, the worse is the swelling. To heal swelling, you should keep that area protected, and you should also apply ice on it regularly to reduce its effects. You should also move with support for a time being, or else it would put pressure on the affected area.

Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff allows your neck to move in all directions, it is made by combining four shoulder muscles. An injury on the rotator cuff can affect your neck movement, which causes difficulty to work, as well as, causes a lot of pain when the neck is moved even a little bit. A sudden jerk on the neck or over your body can tear the rotator cuff. Most of the times these injuries are treated non-surgically, and doctors provide painkillers or certain medications to reduce the pain and provide strength to the shoulder. Doctors also provide injections to kill the pain immediately, and in severe cases, the patient goes through surgery too.

Car accidents are the main cause of these kinds of injuries, and it has been studied that 1.25 million people die every year due to car accidents. So be safe, and visit if you face one!