How To Put In And Take Out Your Contact Lenses

New Contacts

When you get new contact lenses in Greenville, one of the most difficult tasks you’ll have to perform is putting them in and taking them out. It can feel very awkward deliberately placing an object into your eyes. However, with a little practice and time, taking your contact lenses in and getting them out becomes easier and easier. You’ll need to coordinate your hands, especially your index finger and your eyes, to place the contacts on your iris. You also have to know how to slide them off gently without irritating your eyes and causing harm. Always keep your contact lenses clean, as this will remove risks of infection.

Contact Lenses

Examining the Contacts

Never handle your contact lenses without first washing your hands. The eyes are very susceptible to infections and handling your contacts with dirty hands can be dangerous. Always ensure your hands are washed thoroughly with mild soap and water. Cover all areas including your fingernails, the back of your hands and between the fingers. Use a clean towel to dry your hands, as you don’t want any bacteria from a dirty towel sticking to your hands.

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Open the contact lens package carefully, according to the instructions. The contact lenses usually come in different packets and you have to remove the plastic covering from each individual packet. Slide the lens carefully on your index finger, facing upwards until it’s out of the package. Inspect the lenses closely, holding them by the tip of your finger. Ensure you’re in a well-lit area before examining them. Look for abnormal markings, scratches or any kind of damage before putting it in your eyes. The lens should be semi-circular in shape. The edges should be smooth and not have any lip. If your lens has a lip, it’s inside out and you’ll have to turn it over before putting it in your eye. Additionally, ensure the lens is free of hair and dirt.

Putting the Contacts In

Pull down the lower lid of your eye with your middle finger, while keeping the contact lens on your index finger. You can use a mirror if it’s your first time doing this. Look straight in the mirror as you place it in. You may also pull your upper eyelid if you need your eyes a little wider. Place the lens gently over the iris, and watch your hand with the other eye as you do this. Press the contact down gently to ensure all corners are touching your eye. Blink a few times to ensure the contact is secure in place, and smooth out any air bubbles. Keep blinking until you see clearly. Repeat this process on your other eye.

Taking the Contacts Out

When taking them out, your hands should be thoroughly washed and dried. Use a mild soap and water and wash all parts of your hands. Before pulling your eyelid down, blink a few times to ensure the contact lenses are placed directly above the pupil. Use the middle finger to pull down the lower eyelid and the index finger to slide the lens downwards. The index finger should touch the lens. As you do this, look upward and slide the lens downwards. As the lens slips away from the eyes, gently squeeze the lens between your index finger and thumb to get a good grip and pull it away from the eyes. It’s very easy to tear the contact lenses, thus grip gently.