How To Manage Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Bad Breath

Your mouth is the primary tool you use to communicate with others. Animals may not say much to each other except for noises that appear funny to human beings, but also have their ways of communicating. Grooming is one of the ways that animals use to bond such as monkeys and baboons. Human beings also bond using communication. Years of social advancement have led to civilization and the development and awareness of oral health. If you have bad breath, you may encounter difficulties when communicating with other people. It may not be your fault for the bad breath, but you can try to find ways that can improve your oral health and reduce the bad breath. If you have bad breath that does not subside or require other services such as teeth whitening in Temecula, professionals have the right tools to help you improve from your condition.

Increase Your Frequency Of Brushing And Flossing

When you fail to brush your teeth properly, you risk accumulating food particles in your mouth. Food particles accumulate and form a hard substance known as plaque. Plaque becomes a hub for bacteria to multiply and attack your teeth. You will also develop bad breath that does not seem to go away. It would help if you also used dental floss to get rid the food particles stuck in the spaces between your teeth, since brushing may not help. Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and the evening, and floss at least once.

Use Mouth Wash

Mouth wash has anti-bacterial properties and a fresh mint that sweetens your breath. When choosing a mouth wash, ensure that you do not rely only on the fresh mint flavor it gives, but seek one that also effectively kills bacteria. You can also use water after every meal to help get rid of food particles and keep the mouth clean.

Brush Your Tongue

Bad Breath

Your tongue also acts as a hub for food particles that accumulate over time. The food particles attract bacteria that cause your breath to smell. You can try and brush your tongue as you brush your teeth in order to scrape off the food particles. There are specially made tongue scrapers that prove more effective for cleaning the tongue which you can use if your toothbrush is not sufficient.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking brings a host of problems from causing cancer, to causing teeth discoloration and giving you bad breath. Tobacco intake is not an easy addiction to stop, but you can seek the help of your doctor. You can also use nicotine patches that you can get in drug stores. If the patches fail, get into a program that helps you to stop smoking. Stopping the habit will also help avoid other diseases associated with smoking besides lousy breath.

Avoid Certain Foods

Certain foods, such as fresh onions, have a strong smell that gets absorbed into the bloodstream. When the smell gets to the blood, it circulates to the lungs where it is exhaled together with carbon dioxide. The exhaled air will have the same scent as that of onions. You can avoid fresh onions and cook them before you eat. You can also avoid sugary substances before you sleep as it serves as a sweet spot for bacteria. You can opt for sugarless gum if you frequently chew gum, but avoid most sugars at all cost.