How To Keep A Strong Marriage

Here are some basic principles that make a marriage happy according to These are the principles that have been discovered by research psychologists examining the communication and behavior of a large number of happy and dysfunctional marriages.

Strong Marriage

Making a love map

Emotionally intelligent couples are those who are emotionally close. Building and developing emotional closeness involves remembering all relevant information about your partner. Information about what is important to your partner, what are his interests, wishes, dreams, what motivates him and what scares him, etc. All this information goes into the so-called love map. Without a love map, it is impossible to really know your spouse. If we don’t know someone, how can we truly love him? So, the strength is in knowledge, in getting to know one another. Couples who have detailed love maps are better able to cope with problems and conflicts. The more you know and understand each other, the more stable your marriage will be. Building a love map involves being open, constantly communicating, and your authentic desire to meet and understand the person you are married to. The core of a good marriage is, above all, friendship.

Fostering affection and mutual admiration

The best way to check if a married couple still has a system of affection and admiration is to see how they talk about the past. In 94% of cases, couples who look positively on their marital past will have a happy future. Which is a high degree of prediction. When happy memories are shattered – it is a sign that marriage needs help. Not only positive memories are important but also the vibrancy of memories. Simply reminding yourself and your partner of qualities can save a marriage from destruction (even if there are difficulties). You can nurture affection and admiration through praise and compliments. Compliments and compliments, even with regard to some small things, can have a significant positive effect on the relationship. Try to praise your partner at least a few times a week. Show interest in something he / she does independently of you, show that you are proud and appreciate what your partner is doing.

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Turning one over the other instead of each other

When a couple often chats about small things, we can almost be sure that they will stay in a happy marriage. What happens in those small conversations that connect partners? They turn to each other. The first step is simply to become aware of these sacred moments, which is the key not only to continuing the marriage but also to continuing the romance. For many couples, simply realizing that daily communication should not be taken for granted leads to major changes in relationships. You should avoid competing, weighing and calculating what someone did for another. We should focus only on what can accelerate the marriage, not what the partner should have done and did not. You should strive to turn to your partner even when you are “heavy” or hostile. No need to be upset if positive changes do not occur overnight. It takes a partner time to understand the benefits of turning to him.

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